Advisory Board of democraciaAbierta:

The Advisory Board fulfills a central role in advising and supporting financially the project, and also with evaluation and strategic orientation. It is of an informal character given that they do not have executive functions nor do they have decision making capacities which are the responsibility of the Executive Director and openDemocracy in London.

The Advisory Board of democraciaAbierta has consultive functions and contributes to the achievement of the following goals:

  • Multiplication of publics and audience growth
  • Increase of impact and political incidence through
    • Alliance building
    • Execution of activities
    • Development of social media presence and audiovisual content
    • Financial stability
    • Talent retention

I. Objectives of the Advisory Board

  • Provide strategic orienteering to DA
  • Support fundraising pursuits
  • Evaluation of achievements and reflections about lessons learnt

II. Members

Profiles of members of the Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board are professionals with certain prestige respected in their area of work and in the region. They all work to strengthen democracy and the human rights agenda in Latin America and Europe.

Members 2019 - 2021

  1. Pablo Albarenga (Uruguay)
  2. Renata Ávila (Guatemala)
  3. Lulá Barrera (México)
  4. Matías Bianchi (Argentina)
  5. Sandra Borda (Colombia)
  6. Lucía Dammert (Peru)
  7. Adam Isacson (USA)
  8. Cristina Manzano (Spain)
  9. Raquel Rosenberg (Brazil)
  10. Juan Manuel Sanz (Colombia / Spain)
  11. Pedro Telles (Brazil)

Pablo Albarenga: Photo-journalist and visual narrator from Uruguay. He explores issues affecting minorities in Latin America and profound issues relating to colonialisation and the indigenous communities of the region.

Renata Ávila: Lawyer and Guatemalan activist with specialisations in technology and intellectual property. She is the spokeswoman for and part of the team of lawyers defending Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Lulú Barrera: Mexican human rights activist that works to defend women's rights. She's been president of Amnesty International Mexico and currently directs the program luchadoras.mx

Sandra Borda: Colombian political scientist and teacher at the Universidad de los Andes, she also writes a monthly column for Revista Arcadia and has been published by various renowned media outlets.

Matías Bianchi: Expert in political science, with a doctorate in the field from Sciences Po, he is also a teacher at the University of Arizona. He's the founder and director of Asuntos del Sur.

Lucía Dammert: Peruvian academic and expert in public security in Latin America, she is an associate professor at the University of Chile and a Global Fellow in the Wilson Center Washington.

Adam Isacson: Director of the Washington Office for Latin America and a regular contributor to ColombiaPeace.org, WOLA Border Fact Check and Verificador de Información de la Frontera amongst many others.

Cristina Manzano: Journalist and director of digital platform esglobal.org. She's also a columnist for El País and El Periódico de Catalunya and coordinates the publication Pensamiento Iberoamericano. She frequently participates in debates and round tables regarding many issues.

Raquel Rosenberg: Activist and entrepreneur, and co-founder of the project Engajamundo, an organisation that fights for justice for young environmentalists in Brazil. She is currently directing the project Engaja na Amazonia and is a member of Ashoka.

Juan Manuel Saenz: Journalist and writer for TVE and correspondent for Latin America. Director of reports and analyst for Colombia, where he also acts as an observer.

Pedro Telles: Professional in development and activist with experience in political analysis and civic compromise. He has worked with civil society organisations in Europe, Africa and Asia and is the co-founder of Bancada Activista.

Rafael Vilasanjuan: Spanish journalist and director for Analysis and Development for the Institute of Global Health. He was also secretary general for Medicins Sans Frontiers between 1999 and 2005 and is currently a member of their board.

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