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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Palestinian winemaking under occupation

The stories of two Palestinians reviving winemaking as a source of livelihood in Palestine and a reminder of the rich cultures and history that is often obscured by the conflict.

The struggle for freedom and food sovereignty: a letter of solidarity to the farmers of Syria

The loss of control over processing agricultural goods, such as turning grains into flour, have made it easier for the regime to punish large regions with starvation, and will in the future make it easier for foreign powers to grab hold of Syria through its dependent state.

What would Attenborough say about the Irish genocide?

The exploitation of the Irish economy during the potato famine caused widespread devastation. With the justification of overpopulation, to what extent does David Attenborough echo these intentions in the present day?

The hypocrisy of the badger cull

The badger cull seeks the reduction of tuberculosis in our farmers' livestock, but are badgers the real cause of this epidemic, or just the scapegoats for an ill-informed policy?

Flowers on a dung heap: markets, politicians and the demise of Russian rural life

The economic and political transformations of the 1990s onwards have allowed much of the Russian countryside to die a slow death. Roman Yushkov and Vassily Moseyev ventured out of the city to examine the extent of the dilapidation and deterioration of rural life in their native Perm region.

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