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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Once more, without passion?

In a few hours, the world will finally know if Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States. Our 'How it looks from here' series concludes with a tour d'horizon around the globe - what are people thinking as they await the outcome?

Shaking the 'foreign hand': a view from India

India has had a complicated relationship with the United States for most of its independent history. Things are better now - but Indians still do watch the election closely, fearing a return to old tensions.

The US 2012 Election and China: why a real dialogue about human rights will never happen

Despite a prominent presence in the campaign, US policy towards China is very unlikely to change - especially on the hyper-sensitive topic of human rights.

The American election: a view from Down Under

As a somewhat reluctant member of the American orbit in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia carefully watches the election – amused but slightly worried by its "cranks and crazies" (as the Australian treasurer recently called the Tea Party).

Hurricane Sandy: Romney's missed opportunity

Mitt Romney's lackluster response to Hurricane Sandy has been a wasted opportunity, both for his campaign and, more importantly, for the hard-hit people on the East Coast.

United colours of the American elections - in three continents

"Many temples in South India held prayers for Obama’s victory in the 2008 elections. Haven’t heard of any this time round. Here is one from me, after four encounters on three continents."

Poland and the US elections: respect for an ally

Poland is less engaged with this American election than on previous occasions. But its people and elites are still viewing the contest and its candidates with a wary eye that reflects their domestic political concerns, says Adam J Chmielewski.

The US elections: a view from Latin America

It has been this year's most notable absentee: whatever happened to Latin America as a theme in the presidential campaign?

Germany, Europe and the presidential election

The majority of Germans view the United States, the “land of unlimited opportunities”, with a lot of sympathy. But their perception of American politics is more problematic.

The presidential election and the future of US-Tunisian relations

The oppressed people of Tunisia have long envied western democracy. Now that they've regained their freedom and had their own democratic elections, do Tunisians cast a more critical look on the American vote?

A convenient "tie"

A tie that isn't quite what it seems, and a US election sideshow: pundit gut v nerd calculator. 

The US elections - as seen from India

In India, people are amused and puzzled, depressed and disinterested and occasionally inspired by the long and loud, colorful and typical American show that goes by the name of the presidential election. 

Concern and frustration in the Gulf

America is still the Gulf states' indispensable ally, but the indecisiveness of Obama's policy in the Middle East is starting to foster frustration and concern in the Gulf capital cities. This is where Romney might have a card to play.

The least bad: the US elections from Israel-Palestine

For Palestinians and Israelis, a Democrat victory would be bad and a Republican victory worse. While Obama continues to seduce the deluded among us, Romney is making lethal calculations

A view from Spain: why Obama deserves a second chance

In Spain, any piece of news that distracts the attention from the economic, social and political crisis is welcome these days. For a country that has never shown too much interest in international affairs, the US presidential campain represents a traditional exception.

Foreign policy expectations from a Romney presidency

What US foreign policy should we expect if Romney was to win in November? His statements during the campaign suggests adherence to his neocon advisers' hard line stances on many topics, including hawkish positions on China, Iran and Russia. One week before the election, Commander-in-chief Romney remains a mystery.

Libya and the US elections

Quite surprisingly, the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi didn't do any lasting damage to US-Libyan relations. But there is still widespread frustration in the country - against the misguided policies of successive American administrations. Leaving Libyans to hope for a change.

US election: what can Latin America expect?

Relations between the US and Latin American countries have always been tense, from economic rivalry to political assassinations. During his first term, Barack Obama has failed to build bridges between the Americas - what can peoples from Latin America and the Caribbean expect from the next president?

US election: a Kenyan perspective

Kenyans look up to Barack Obama, whom they consider to be their most prominent "son" - but his first four years in office have fallen slightly short of their expectations.

A spectacle, not an election: how Italians see the race

Italians do follow the presidential election, but they see it more as an entertaining race than as a scrutiny whose outcome might directly affect their daily lives.

Mexican perspectives: within the USA and outside it

Undocumented Mexican migrants in the USA, despite being the group most vulnerable to a flagship Republican policy, have no voice in the country’s future. Those who can vote have a moral obligation to those who can’t: stop Mitt Romney in his tracks

The presidential election and US foreign policy in the Middle East

In the presidential campaign, American foreign policy towards the Middle East has overshadowed other regions by far – underlining considerable differences between each candidate’s approach to this part of the world

Spanish endogamy and the US elections

Europe may be less interested in this year's election than in the 2008 one - but that doesn't mean it is any less important.

American election, Egyptian perspectives

Where the world sees two radically opposed candidates, the Egyptian street sees two sides of the same coin.

Civil liberties, Britain and the US election

No matter the final outcome, the presidential race has already brought about grim prospects for the future of civil liberties in the US.

How the US elections look from Brazil

As a future great power emerging right in the USA's backyard, Brazil takes a special interest in the presidential race.

US elections: hopes and expectations from a ‘post-rosy’ Georgia

The recent parliamentary election in Georgia brought defeat to the party of President Saakashvili, though he himself remains in power until the 2013 presidential election. The country’s main strategic partner is the US and Georgians are following the contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney closely. Vladimer Papava explains why.

US elections and the Gulf States

Do the Gulf States expect anything at all from the next president of the US? 


East Asia and the US political cycle

As far as foreign policy topics go, China, and Asia more broadly have become an essential issue in the presidential campaign – and they were fiercely discussed in last night's debate. But how does East Asia see the election?

How the US elections look from Cuba

The Cuban government has had to deal, since 2008, with the fact that expectations of Obama were as unrealistic among Cubans as they may have been among Obama supporters in the United States.

Hades and the Hegemon: Greeks face up to elections in the US

Today openDemocracy launches a special global feature: How do the 2012 US elections look from here? And we launch it in Greece, Europe’s cradle of democracy and twenty-first century scandal for democracy worldwide.

Empty chairs and hope

Clint Eastwood's bizarre empty chair performance at the RNC in Tampa resonates with a couple's struggle for parenthood - and the very notion of hope that still echoes from the 2008 election.

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