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Constitutional conventions: best practice

"Big Brother": the art of subversion

Art achieves its highest purpose when it questions the structures of power in a society. A goal that "Big Brother", a satirical show in Egypt, achieves.

We protest by creating beauty

Meet the artists and activists writing love letters on the streets.

Civic beauty without permission

Why tile a bridge across one of the busiest streets in a city without a permit and with almost no financial support?

Six creative ways to make your point at political party conventions

“Look, I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but to be honest neither is Donald Trump.”

In Tripoli, young Lebanese defy a city’s violent reputation

Graffiti and other street art, music and collective action are tools to overturn mainstream media stereotypes.

Kafranbel: a paradigm of creative storytelling (Part 2/2)

The protesters of Kafranbel combine local struggles with global interests in their banners, they present the specificity of the Syrian context through the universality of the fight for freedom and dignity.

Kafranbel: a paradigm of creative storytelling (Part 1/2)

As media coverage of Syria is increasingly monopolized by geopolitical and military approaches, a small town in northwestern Syria continues to provide a collective account of the country that is both accessible and nuanced.

Syria and the emergence of grassroots artistic production

An introduction to the colourful depth and diversity of the uprising's cultural production; a confirmation of multiple and overlapping local narratives that defy geopolitical interest and progaganda. Giving expression to such creativity is one of our motives for, 'Looking inside the uprising'.

Art after Occupy

In the aftermath of Occupy, artists are utilizing a diversity of tactics at the cutting edges of radical politics (long piece, 6,000 words).

Social justice with knitting

Welcome to the world of craftivism - a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice louder, your compassion deeper, and your quest for justice stronger. 

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