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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is the mainsite editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

قروض مصر: لشراء السلاح لا التنمية

القروض فرضت على مصر سياسات اقتصادية تقشفية طالت كل فئات الشعب. المواطنين الفقراء وأبناء الطبقة الوسطى يدفعون الثمن.

Austerity stories you won’t hear about in today’s Budget

Rhea needs a home. She is a full-time single mother of three living in destitution on the brink of homelessness. Yet two local authorities are reluctant to help. Why?

Liberation in the age of the hashtag activist

Under austerity we tweet #bringbackourgirls from the safety of our laptops: anything else is naive. Liberation means the comprehensive dismantling of hierarchies, but few movements talk about it today. An introduction to Transformation's liberation series.

Austerity - update from the front line

The cumulative assault on economic security unleashed by this government have left many just a small mishap away from a cascade of misery. The reality for most claimants is very different to inflammatory media protrayals.

We can end the despotism of finance, at a price

To mark the publication of Ann Pettifor's e-book, Just Money: How Society Can Break the Despotic Power of Finance, OurKingdom are running a series of articles that explore the nature of money and the politics of the financial system. Here Pettifor launches the series and introduces some of its key themes.

Austerity policies in Europe are fuelling social injustice - and violating human rights

A new report by the Council of Europe provides detailed evidence that austerity measures have corroded civil and political rights and made economic, social and cultural rights less attainable.  Will the governments of Europe recognise the social cost of austerity – and can ‘human rights’ work as a tool of resistance?

Thoughts on 2013 - a slow motion train wreck

2013 was the year the true nature of this UK Coalition became visible: it hasn't the faintest idea how to mend the economy, and its austerity programme is becoming increasingly aggressive and distasteful. The UK is in a hole, and it's not clear how it's getting out.

Nothing ever happens in Northern Ireland?

Austerity, flags and stagnant parties - Lorcan Mullen updates the rest of the UK on what's been happening in Northern Ireland while we weren't paying attention.

Another slap in the face for struggling families

It's not that marriage is good for children, it's that poverty is bad for them. Offering couples tiny tax breaks because they've had a wedding whilst cutting the rest of their benefits is like stealing someone’s car and offering them a bus pass as compensation.

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