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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Exceptional Israel: the case for BDS

case for BDS by other means.

How I became pro BDS

Israelis will only wake up to their government’s discriminatory policies when they feel the effects of the BDS movement.

Referendum on the academic boycott of Israel at SOAS

London's School of Oriental and African Studies is holding a referendum on whether to cut ties with universities in Israel—an experience which will be transformative in more ways than one.

Is a boycott of Israel inconsistent? Yes and No

A recurrent challenge in controversies over boycotting Israeli policy is consistency. But what is problematically inconsistent is not the singling out of Israel, but the charge of inconsistency itself.

BDS and the politics of ‘radical’ gestures

Boycotts and divestment can be useful tools for righting wrongs, but they are apolitical tantrums in cases of right versus right.

Critique of the boycott divestment sanctions movement, from a Jewish supporter of the Palestinian cause

The moral degeneration of Israel must not have as its indirect consequence the moral degeneration of the Palestinian solidarity movements, for in a desperate struggle there is such a danger as all sides losing at once. Here are arguments supporting sanctions against Israel, and opposing a cultural boycott.

On Israel-Palestine and BDS

Those dedicated to the Palestinian cause should think carefully about the tactics they choose.

Boycotting Israel: the situation has changed and I have changed my mind too

The latest Israeli assault on Gaza is for one scholar an occasion to rethink the fundamental arguments for and against a boycott of the country.

Tear down the walls: international solidarity march for Palestine, sanctions for Israel

Israel's assault on Gaza provokes international demonstrations and calls for boycotts and economic sanctions.

US counterproductive over cultural boycott of Israel

US Congress moves against the academic boycott of Israel. What now for freedom of expression?

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