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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Brexit Migration Watch


Brexodus: The UK may leave the EU, but the EU may already be leaving the UK

New data show more EU citizens are leaving and net migration of EU citizens to the UK has hit a five year low. These figures are worth paying attention to.

Shades of ‘whiteness’: immigration and the role of British newspapers before the EU referendum

The anti-immigrant drumbeat in the lead-up to the EU referendum was anything other than benign.

Brexit: a 'not welcome' sign for forced migrants

Forced migrants are turning away from the UK for fear of racial discrimination post-Brexit. While some on the right may cheer, is this really something to celebrate?

The many Brexits of Bristol

Bristol strongly supported Remain but not all of its component parts did. Ward-level data reveals who voted for what, why, and thus how we might move forward as a community.

What will Brexit mean for the future of European student mobility?

The UK government's stance on immigration will likely cost British students their access to Erasmus+. How will UK universities keep their students thinking globally post-Brexit?

How can we resist post-Brexit racism?

What does one do when they feel their home turning against them?

Automatic transformation of EU citizenship rights is the way forward

The British Home Office has created a bureaucratic nightmare for EU citizens applying for permanent residency. Might there be a better way forward?

Bristol, Brexit and the creative challenge

Bristol’s creative industries give the city a strong starting point for taking the city global post-Brexit. But it will need support to succeed.

Brexit and unemployment: where bureaucracy becomes brutal

Receiving jobseeker’s allowance isn’t enough for EEA nationals to prove they are looking for work. But if that’s not sufficient, what is?

Brexit, Bristol and business

Business was never unified on its stance towards Brexit, and very few assessments have studied how it will affect local economies.Might Bristol be the place to start?

Reject the exclusion of forced migrants from higher education

Access to education is a declared human right, but the British Home Office is making that increasingly difficult for forced migrants attempting to study in the UK.

Making sense of Brexit: foreigners in defence of foreigners’ rights

There are a reported three million EU citizens and more than five million non-EU citizenships in Britain. Why aren’t they organising ahead of the election?

Neighbourhood responses to Brexit challenges

“Taking back control”, they said. If that means being active citizens and active listeners, there may be hope.

#BristolBrexit: a city responds to Brexit

Uncertainty is plaguing the transition to a post-Brexit Britain. Cities can, and must, address it head on in ways that work best for them.

How will a ‘global Britain’ approach asylum?

As post-Brexit Britain charts a new course for itself, it must make sure not to leave asylum seekers behind.

UK immigration rules vs. the best interests of children

The UK Supreme Court has accepted the principle of a minimum income requirement for bringing family members into Britain, but hope remains for British families split by borders.

Brexit, free movement and children’s rights

Children living in the UK under EU rights are at risk because of Brexit, but they are often unable to solidify their footing on their own. Others must help them do so.

International family life after Brexit: further sanctions on intimacy?

The British government will likely claim greater control over the intimate lives of resident EU citizens post-Brexit, a control it already exerts over its own citizens.

Could Brexit be a boon to human smuggling?

The British government sees Brexit as a way to reduce migration, but leaving the EU will likely make it harder for them to return irregular migrants to Europe or their countries of origin. 

The EU (notification of withdrawal) bill: bargaining chips on the Commons table

After passing the House of Commons without amendment, the House of Lords must now review the Brexit bill. Do amendments guaranteeing the rights of non-UK EU citizens stand a chance there?

What will happen mañana? Brexit and return migration of retirees from Spain

Brexit could prompt hundreds of thousands of British retirees to return from continental Europe, placing additional strain on the UK’s health and social welfare systems.

Post-facts, post-gains: the economics of labour migration after Brexit

Curbing labour migration involves macroeconomic risks the government needs to address. However, Theresa May’s impasse between electorate and market promises prevents pragmatic dialogue on this.

The rights and wrongs of the High Court ruling on triggering Article 50

The UK Supreme Court will soon decide whether parliament has a say on Brexit. A lot rides on the decision, but either way one side will claim victory for ‘the people’.

The Labour Party, free movement and Brexit

Labour needs to resist its drift toward a more ambivalent position on free movement.

Brexit, the Commonwealth, and exclusionary citizenship

Brexit is the second time Britain has moved to strip citizenship rights from many of its existing citizens.

What will Brexit mean for asylum in the UK?

Brexit was a vote largely against regular movement from the EU, but what about refugees? A new series seek to explore what Brexit will mean for those in search of safety.

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