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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Shutterstock/Stephen Finn.

What would a post-xenophobic politics look like?

How do we challenge the frames which perpetuate the politics of hate?

We CAN save our NHS from TTIP without Brexit – but let's not declare premature victory

Gail Cartmail of Unite the Union says their legal advice shows the EU still threatens our National Health Service – but that Cameron could fix that without the need for Brexit.

Caught in a Brexit bromance

The referendum on British membership of the EU has important implications for gender equality, but despite attempts at 'suffragette-washing' the debate, women's voices are failing to break through.

The high stakes of the EU referendum

Four weeks ago we launched the Brexit Divisions project to explore the strategies and stakes of the upcoming EU referendum. Looking back, this is what we’ve learned.

Transformative democracy: bringing the outside world in

Is there hope for a new politics in European institutions? One insider-outsider says yes.

The making of an open and democratic Europe: reading Brexit through E.P. Thompson

There is no room for Britain’s turning away from Europe to a fantasy mid-Atlantic or neo-Commonwealth position of the kind floated, typically unseriously, by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

"Second star to the right and straight on till morning": leaving Europe for the imperial Never-Never Land

The Brexiteers believe in a myth of British exceptionalism. It's time they stopped telling themselves fairy tales.

Blimey, it could be Brexit! Introduction

A battle over Britain consumes the Tory party, that will decide the fate of the UK and perhaps even Europe. In a week by week experiment worthy of this dramatic development, Anthony Barnett aims to write a book about it ahead of the referendum. Here is the introduction.

Talk Real London: "Exit Europe?"

Looking at the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, we ask: beyond the conservative in/out options dominating the headlines, what debate should we be having about Europe? (1 hour).

EU freedom of movement and Brexit

EU migration could be the make or break issue of the Brexit campaigns. Both sides understand this, but how will they approach the topic?

Who speaks for Europe? The UK referendum as a pan-European affair

The Brexit debate greatly effects Europe yet commentary from EU figures and European heads of state has been surprisingly muted. Why is this so?

A letter to my British friends: for Europe’s sake, please stay

The EU might be dysfunctional but it is still Britain’s home. Help us fix it from the inside.

Women and the young are being left in the dark by the Brexit debate

New research suggests that the British media's coverage of the EU referendum is failing to reach groups outside of middle-aged to elderly men.

Winning the argument for staying in Europe

Those arguing against Brexit will never win by wearing rose-colored glasses. At the same time, those campaigning to leave are hamstrung by an inability to agree on what 'leave' means.

Why Britain will choose the safer option and Vote Leave

The need for ‘one size fits all’ regulations to cover all of Europe makes it impossible for the EU to pursue the best interests of all its members.

The problem of sovereignty in the EU referendum

Politicians have a habit of throwing the concept of sovereignty around when it suits them...

Three reality checks for leavers and remainers

Both camps must understand there is a difference between Europe and EU institutions if they are to mount effective referendum campaigns.

From London to Athens, Europe is an empty shell

Optimists affirm that the EU-UK agreement has a positive side: London cannot veto the will of other member states pursuing an “ever closer Union". This is true, but only formally. Italiano.

Open letter from a Eurocitizen living in London: Brits, vote for Brexit

As a Spanish national living in London, I urge you to vote for Brexit. European integration is a political necessity for which the UK is a serious obstacle.

Europe is our battlefield

We must fight for the continental union we need.

Euro 2016 vs Euro referendum: which one will win out?

The Brexit referendum will fall in the middle of the Euro 2016 football championship, where England (not to mention Wales and Northern Ireland) will feel at their most "European".

I hate the EU. But I'll vote to stay in it

The European Union is an undemocratic corporate stitch-up. But leaving would be worse.

It's time to make the progressive case for staying in the EU

Britain's exit from the EU wouldn't liberate us from neoliberalism. Only joint struggles across borders can do that.

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