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Manuel Serrano

Manuel Serrano is Junior Editor at DemocraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The town wolf and the country wolf

How the wolf became a symbol of anti-urban sentiment in Norway, representing a broader denial of ecological and environmental responsibility in the Nordic nation.

Sustainable activism: managing hope and despair in social movements

A new generation of activists is developing a much healthier and more emotionally-intelligent culture.

Catastrophism is as much an obstacle to addressing climate change as denial

Is our confidence in the unifying power of fear obstructing action to combat global warming?

Socially constructed silence? Protecting policymakers from the unthinkable.

The scientific community is profoundly uncomfortable with the storm of political controversy that climate research is attracting. What’s going on?

Kerkennah: on the frontline of resistance to the fossil fuel industry in Tunisia

The effects of climate change and neoliberalism converge in Kerkennah in the worst possible way – but the islands are fighting back.

Carry on flying: why activists should take to the skies

Protesting against air travel might displace attention away from the actions required to reduce carbon emissions at the necessary scale.

COAL: the Vagina Monologues of climate change

Culture change takes us to some dark and painful places, yet art and music remind us that love and beauty are vital for social transformation.

The environmental movement: a blockbuster in the making?

Stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things are the building blocks of transformation, but they have to be told wisely and well.

The puzzle of low oil prices—has the race to beat the carbon bubble already started?

The post-carbon world is fast emerging from the shell of the old. Even Saudi Arabia is planning for it. 

Beyond Paris: avoiding the trap of carbon metrics

Instead of changing our economic system to make it fit within the natural limits of the planet, we are redefining nature so that it fits within the economic system.

Why are human rights essential to a global climate regime?

It is only in a climate regime recognising human rights that we will be able to ensure that the lives, livelihoods, cultures, and traditions of people will not be lost or forgotten. 

If the MacArthur Foundation wants a low carbon economy, why is it investing in fossil fuels and ignoring grassroots action?

Too many foundations fail to practice what they preach on climate change. It’s time to close the gap. 

Staying human in a time of climate change

Knowing about climate science isn’t enough. We need to get our hearts involved too. 

California’s drought: the canary in the coalmine?

There is no place on earth that can be safe, secure or healthy in a world that is running out of water.

The oceans are not worth $24 trillion

Some things are beyond measure and beyond price. No amount of money is enough to compensate for the loss of the sacred.

To stop the age of extinction, nature needs a new pronoun

Calling the natural world ‘it’ absolves us of moral responsibility and opens the door to exploitation. 

How music can shift the conversation on climate change

Artists from Egypt to Rwanda are working together to protect the Nile River Basin.

A climate for change

On the occasion of Global Divestment Day, a message that the climate movement is alive and well. People around the world are fighting for an economy that serves rather than hinders action on climate change.

Why is there so little action on climate change?

Are there new ways to engage the public in mass action to reduce global warming, or should we focus on adapting to the inevitable?

Latest IPCC report fortunately shows we can still prevent climate change

The science is clear, where is the political will?

The future of the climate debate

The cutting edge of the climate change debate was absent from recent events in New York City, including mass marches. It’s time to unlearn the deluded notions that keep us from exploring the real issues for the future.

This changes everything: interview with Naomi Klein

Ahead of the UK launch of her new book on climate change, "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate", Naomi Klein talks about saving not so much the world, as each part of it.

Confessions of a climate change denier

The global people's climate march is the right time to confront the culture of denial that still exists among many activists. Our political movements are intimately connected. 

We need more humans, not more heroes

Exaggerated by the growing celebrity culture of social change, hero worship is on the rise. In the process we risk rendering ourselves perpetually mediocre. 

Seeing true nature: Buddhism and the environment

In an age of increasing environmental destruction, Buddhism can inspire the ecological awareness that’s necessary for a more balanced existence. 

Ethics committee to universities: oil research can be unethical

The Norwegian committee on research ethics tells institutions that oil research, often sponsored by the industry, is ethically irresponsible if it contradicts UNs climate targets.

No surrender: responding to the new breed of climate change in-activists

Waiting for death in the planetary hospice is not a convincing response to climate change: a response to Carolyn Baker.

Welcome to the planetary hospice

Surrendering to the implications of climate change is an act of courage not cowardice. This is the first article in a new debate on Transformation. Shannon Biggs responds here.

Why anti-consumerism is not enough

Rejecting population growth as a valid topic for environmental concern relies on the assumption that the world's poor will stay in their current state of poverty, while simultaneously insisting that said poverty is a moral outrage and needs resolving. This doesn't make sense.

Climate - how UKIP and the Tory right will defeat themselves

Why are those so opposed to migration so blind to something that will cause it to increase so dramatically?

What climate change denier Owen Paterson needs to learn about science

The UK environment minister pretends global warming isn’t happening. Advisers should put a new report from Medact on his reading list.

The UK is flooded in climate silence

The last time there were major floods in the UK, they were met with climate change marches and demands for action. Now, one victim of the floods asks if a climate silence has descended on Britain.

Divestment and ending sponsorship - both tools of oil company stigmatisation

The campaign launched in the UK this month to get institutions to divest from fossil fuel companies is an easy bedfellow of the older British movement to sever links between arts and the oil industry.

No, Minister - you are not spending what is needed on flood defences

Last night, Owen Paterson, the UK Secretary of State for the Environment, claimed that he has not cut funding for flood defences. The House of Commons Library disagrees.

Values, not just science, need to be central to the climate change debate

Too many environmental activists try to persuade people about climate change by dazzling them with research of the intergovernmental panel. But psychological research shows this approach is doomed to fail. Ignoring that work isn't very scientific.

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