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Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Should compassion be an election issue?

Compassion isn’t the property of Labour or the Conservatives, but when both parties embrace it does it mean anything at all?

Seven practical ideas for compassionate communities

It's not hard to bring more equality into each other’s lives. Here are seven concrete ideas and experiments.

In the days when I used to kill people...

You hear a lot of bad things about the NHS, much of which from the Tories, the gutter press and those with a vested interest in the privatisation of health. I was braced for the worse, but what I got actually made me feel proud. We need to hold onto this.

What lies behind Hunt's message of the 'bad, cruel' NHS?

Jeremy Hunt's claim that cruelty by NHS staff has become 'normal' is a politically motivated insult to the nurses trying to look after patients and hampered by destructive government 'reforms'.

Criminalising nurses doesn't make sense

Proposals to crimalise NHS staff for 'wilful neglect' will be ineffective at best, and may actually make our health service less safe.

Why won't the government implement safe staffing levels in the NHS?

Legally binding ratios of nurses to patients are essential to improving patient care, according to a wealth of evidence and the recommendations of those investigating failures at mid-Staffordshire. So why is Jeremy Hunt dragging his heels? 

What do we want? A good doctor? Or 'patient choice'?

A doctor who listens, who cares, who knows what to do. That's what patients want and need. 

Veganism and compassion

Veganism is often seen as a vain attempt to dismantle market demand for animal products, one block of tofu at a time. This debate overlooks the radically transformative potential of compassion.

Why is Channel 4 bashing the NHS now?

Channel 4's 'exclusive' that the NHS is 'failing' compared to the US system doesn't stand up to scrutiny or even common sense.

NHS-speak and the failure of care in England's hospitals

Is compassion being crowded out of the NHS by the language and values of consumer capitalism?

God Bless the NHS - reviewed

Roger Taylor's book has a welcome emphasis on quality and culture but lacks political context - and reads too much into data.

The Exile Nation Project - Dorothy Johnson-Speight

Dorothy Johnson-Speight is the Executive Director of Mother's in Charge, a Philadelphia-based charity made up of Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts & Sisters who have all lost a loved one to violence. The organization was founded in 2003 after the murder of Dorothy's son, Kalik.  He was shot seven times over a parking spot on a Philadelphia street. In this interview, Dorothy delves into the full impact of violence, and "justice, on the African-American community.

The Exile Nation Project - "Forgiving her son's killer"

In this special preview clip from her upcoming interview, Dorothy Johnson-Speight speaks bravely and poignantly about the need to have compassion and forgiveness for her son's killer as a necessary requirement for spiritual growth and healing.

Hush money and the 'cannot culture': an inside account of the NHS

Do nurses take pride in their jobs? How many doctors take bribes to keep their mouths shut? A retired professor of medicine speaks out on the NHS in this extract from upcoming book 'Public Service on the Brink'.

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