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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Hiding behind the Cenotaph, Cameron will seek to re-write history

The First World War plays a key role in our national story: a warning against violence, to be wary of our leaders. With his 100th anniversary events, David Cameron is seeking to change that.

Prime Minister, your Big Society is an illusion

A charity director, honoured by the Queen for his work with asylum-seekers and homeless people, tells David Cameron why he has returned his award.

The UK isn't skint - it is a playground for the rich and privileged

David Cameron's Hugh Grant moment revealed a myth believed by the ruling class. But the truth is that Britain is broken - Scotland's referendum is about more than Scotland.

Powellism, Conservatism and Syria

Enoch Powell highlighted the differences between England's vision of itself and its reality, but has this led ideology to be chosen over pragmatism in the Commons rejection of the Syria vote?

Is fracking all we have to worry about?

As protests against fracking rage on, are protesters ignoring a much greater industrial threat to the British countryside?

The decline and fall of the Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is fighting an uphill battle, as it is rapidly losing members. But in the face of reduced membership rights and lack of privilege, where is the incentive and who is to blame?

oD Drug Policy Forum: Front Line Report - Week of November 24th 2011

While governments around the globe debate on which direction to go in revising drug policy, the American military struggles to deal with record numbers of suicide among service personnel afflicted with PTSD. Many of those suffering from the disorder engage in substance abuse. The stigma and legal ramifications of using illicit drugs remains significant, despite the fact that pharmaceuticals can be just as problematic and dangerous as street drugs. ~jw
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