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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Iboga Nights: the last chance saloon

Only one conclusion from this film: iboga should obviously be made safe and available to those who are undergoing treatment for the terrible disease that is drug addiction.

Avi Mograbi making sure we don’t see something that isn’t there

The motivation becomes artistic. You want to tell a story like a good storyteller and then you become political again and then you become artistic again. At least if you are hated, maybe, you are doing something right.  Interview with the filmmaker.

Five stories from Ukraine

'Open Access', a new revealing documentary from Ukraine, will have its UK premiere on 21 June 2014 as part of the Open City Docs in London (17-22 June 2014).

Sepideh – a stunning constellation

As a character Sepideh knows what she wants. She does not care for the manacles of custom or anything that may distract her from her true love, the Night Sky. Film review.

Dignity and humanity in the face of suffering

Director Boris Gerrets demonstrates that dignity and humanity can exist even in the most seemingly undignified and inhumane living conditions.

Don't miss Stream of Love

After a while, we begin to feel that the stream of love embraces many people in this community - there is so much greeting and laughing, confiding and story-telling, and dancing, including a wonderful account of waltzing into fifty years of marriage. Film review.

Idiosyncratic modernisation

The images in Manakamana combine to create a fascinating story about tradition in transit, and the necessity of adapting. Film review.

Avi Mograbi and conflict

He makes films about his people, his history, his politics and so ultimately he is making a film about himself. Film review.

Iranian love of cinema

Film can illuminate what it is to be a misfit in society, with all the anxieties that this position entails. Is it a perspective or a reality? Iranian film answers that it must be both. Film essay.

Russia’s invisible youth

A new documentary from Russia will have its UK premiere at the closing gala of Open City Docs in London (17-22 June 2014).

The oldest auction house in India

This is no longer a stream of precious collectibles: it’s mainly junk. But the brothers are still determined to trade like gold merchants, like they are living in the city they knew as children. Film review.

Scrap heap, scrap yard

Most of us share hard work, family and the hope of an easier future. Most of us want love, companionship and to be comfortable in our own skin. Film review.

Bosnia: the “lost generation”

The international media can cast an unflinching spotlight on wars but when the war is over the spotlight is suddenly switched off—would that it were that simple for those, including children, left traumatised in its wake. Film review.

Making it flow, somehow

This is not a film about the Egyptian revolution. This is a film about Cairo - and traffic. Film review.

Judgment in Hungary

In 2008 and 2009, a group of Hungarian right-wing extremists committed a series of vicious attacks on members of the Roma community. Six people were killed, including a five year old boy. Film review.

"It's going to blow up one day"

Marc Bauder's Master of the Universe runs like a sociological narrative of high finance as experienced by one man, former investment banker Rainer Voss. Film review.

Once I Entered a Garden: a foretaste of the 2014 Open City Docs documentary film festival, with Israeli filmmaker, Avi Mograbi

openDemocracy welcomes a new cooperation with Open City Docs Fest, which is showing Avi Mograbi's latest film, Once I Entered a Garden (Nichnasti pa’am lagam) next Monday, in London's Clapham Picturehouse, where he will be in conversation with Seth Anziska. Here, watch two clips, as Avi Mograbi tells us about his latest film.

Marina Goldovskaya: documenting modern Russia

London’s Pushkin House is hosting a retrospective of Russian director Marina Goldovskaya’s documentaries under the heading ‘Russia since Perestroika'. Masha Karp reflects on Goldovskaya’s distinctive art and the issues raised in her films.

The Exile Nation Project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs & The American Criminal Justice System

openDemocracy & the Tedworth Charitable Trust proudly launch our multi-year, multimedia oral history project with the release of this first feature-length documentary film.

The Exile Nation Project: Trailer

The Exile Nation Project has just released a four-minute trailer of their documentary archive of testimonies from criminal offenders, family members, and notable experts on the far-ranging consequences of the War on Drugs and the American Criminal Justice System.
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