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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

NHS boss Stevens and the TTIP 'trade' lobbyists who threaten our NHS

New NHS boss Simon Stevens ducks questions about his alleged connection to pro-TTIP treaty lobbyists pushing to open the NHS up further to profiteering US companies.  

Calm down, dear, it’s only a ‘trade deal’

European Commissioners' and politicians' reassurances about 'trade deals' don't convince. These secretive deals threaten our consumer and labour rights, and our public services including the NHS.

Battle Royal in Brussels - backroom 'trade' deals under fire

Europeans are in uproar at chaotic attempts by the EU presidency to rush through 'secret courts' for investors to sue governments who try to protect their citizens and public services.

Vote Yes for the NHS - independence is the best chance to protect Scotland's NHS

The NHS has become the burning issue of the Scottish Independence Referendum. OurNHS takes a close look, and finds in favour of the Yes campaign.

NHS patient goes to Brussels to ask about secret trade deal

Eye-opening short video exposing the secret Brussels/Washington pact that threatens the NHS.

On TTIP and the NHS, they are trying to bamboozle us

The TTIP trade treaty talks re-open in Brussels this week. We should not be reassured by the convenient 'leak' of a private letter between key TTIP advocates claiming the treaty poses no threat to the NHS.

Nurses fight back against trade treaty that threatens NHS

The fight against an international trade treaty wrecking our NHS receives a boost from the nurses and activists, though most party leaderships are strangely quiet.

The Transatlantic Trade Deal: a project of the 1%

The EU/US trade deal (TTIP) is a vast power grab on behalf of the world's biggest corporations, and there's still time to stop it.

Will Labour defend the NHS from the EU/US trade deal?

Andy Burnham and John Healey's statments on the risks to the NHS of the trade deal between the EU and the US seem at odds. Labour should be speaking clearly for the NHS.

Bad science, health risks, and the EU/US trade treaty

Whether on GM foods, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals, the EU/US trade treaty aims to strip away higher European regulations that protect public health but hinder corporate profits.

This treaty isn't about 'trade' - it's a fight for public services everywhere

Defeated in Seattle and Doha, US and EU corporations are once more trying to stitch up the global economy in the name of 'trade' - with our public services the biggest prize.

Trade deals - is the mood turning?

Political sentiment on both sides of the Atlantic is turning against anti-democratic trade deals - but high geopolitical and financial stakes means we shouldn’t expect those pushing the deals to give in gracefully.

Will transatlantic trade treaty really boost wages and growth, asks TUC

As Davos trade negotiators announced they would 'consult' over one part of the controversial deal, the TUC met them to ask if the deal would really benefit ordinary people - or just offer up our public services to multinational investors.  

The NHS and EU/US Free Trade - Public Meeting 3rd Feb

A meeting on Monday 3rd February will give people the opportunity to share ideas on how the forthcoming US/EU trade deal could affect the NHS, and what campaigners can do about it.

Why this year’s Davos could be bad for our health

EU and US trade barons should enjoy the rarified air of Davos while they can. They have stormy times ahead. 

NHS campaign guide - International Trade

Could international trade treaties make privatisation permanent? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns.

EU-US Free Trade and the risks to the NHS

The US government shutdown has postponed further EU-US Free Trade talks due this week, but these corporate attempts to undermine publicly owned health services across Europe are unlikely to be derailed for long without a fierce campaign.

Cigarette packaging and international trade - a warning

The government's failure to implement the plain cigarette packaging legislations in the UK reveals a much larger issue to do with international trade and the restrictions it will put on democratically elected governments. When will the UK start putting the health of its citizens first again?

What's really driving the EU-US trade deal?

Despite some inaccuracies from the BBC, the trade deal will deliver minimal economic benefit at best. What we are actually seeing is the framework for increased privatisation, investor protection, and a potential new era of finance in which tolls replace lending as the key profit stream.

A transatlantic corporate bill of rights

This week G8 leaders hail the opening of EU/US Free Trade negotiations as 'a once in a generation opportunity' to create jobs and growth. But behind the rhetoric, leaks of the secretive negotiating mandate suggest that its real intent is an undemocratic power grab by corporations at the expense of the public interest, affecting everything from health and workers rights to the ennvironment. 

The BBC Business Unit and the public interest

The BBC's reporting of issues from NHS reform, welfare reform and the looming EU US trade deal can be better understood by looking at the BBC's Business Unit. A narrow and questionable 'business perspective' drives more coverage than viewers may think.

Free Trade, 'Trade Creep' and the Risks to our Public Health

Trade agreements are not based on natural laws or inevitable necessities, but represent political values and choices that governments make. How could current negotiations on transatlantic trade agreements affect the UK government's sovereign power to protect its citizens health and the public interest?

Lord Owen condemns “conspiracy of silence” on the EU-US trade deal

Introducing his revised NHS bill, Lord Owen calls today for transparency from Prime Minister David Cameron over the secret mandate for the EU-US Trade Negotiations which he hopes to boost at the G8 Summit in five weeks time in Northern Ireland.

The upcoming EU-US and EU-Canada trade deals have serious implications for the NHS

After the government pushed through its widely opposed privatisation regulations it is time now to focus on the big trade deals and look to the G8 meeting in June. There is a reason the public are being told nothing about them - because they won't like what they hear.

After Section 75 - where next for NHS campaigners?

On 24th April the House of Lords voted through the NHS ‘section 75’ regulations, which open up the NHS to far more private sector competition. The  overwhelming opposition from grassroots campaigners and NHS workers fell, ultimately, on deaf ears. So where do we go from here?

Our NHS is being dismantled for transnational corporations

As a key part of the EU-US trade deal currently being fleshed out, the Conservatives are making good on a decades old fantasy of theirs - breaking up the NHS and opening it to global business. This is the reality and it's happening now.

The NHS must be exempted from the US/EU Free Trade Agreement

Trade talks quietly taking place between the US and the EU could see England's NHS tied into a privatised model semi-permanently. Yet this deeply concerning backdrop to the Coalition's deplorable NHS privatisation has received scant media attention. People must act.

The real force behind the NHS Act - the EU/US trade agreement

An EU-US drive to harmonise services - particularly health - is critical to the NHS reforms. As the Trade Commission acknowledged, without the financial crash this would not have been possible. Britain's 'shock' programme continues.

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