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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Feminisms – in the plural – as a politics of love

Intersectionality is the exact opposite of ‘divisive.’

The story of Saida Manoubiya: A Tunisian feminist icon

By calling for women's education and freedom, Saida Manoubiya was truly a feminist ahead of her time. العربية

Women in politics in Latin America, from the Pink Tide to the turn to the Right

Until recently, there was a significant presence of women in the political frontline in Latin America. The current turn to the Right seems to produce the opposite. Or does it? Español

Las mujeres en la política latinoamericana, de la Marea Rosa al giro a la derecha

Hasta hace poco, América Latina contaba con una importante presencia de mujeres en primera línea política. ¿El actual giro a la derecha implica una menor presencia femenina en altos cargos políticos? English

Batalla legal feminista por el derecho al aborto en América Latina

La movilización legal por el derecho al aborto, o el uso del derecho y las cortes por parte de actoras feministas en su lucha por la legalización del aborto, es reciente en América Latina. English

The battle between Syrian secular activists and feminists: we all lose

Yet another pushback for Syrian women to leave the public spaces for the powerful men who behave as if these spaces are their ownership.

Iraqi feminists mobilise against sectarian laws

The sectarian personal status code comes in a context marked by social and religious conservatisms, sectarian conflicts, political instability and the absence of a strong unifying state.

A new chapter for feminism in Jordan

More and more Jordanian women are refusing to accept the sexist status quo and choosing to change it.

ما الّذي ارتكبته عزّة؟: عزّة سليمان، نسويّة فريدة من نوعها في خطر

لقد ولّد تصاعد المضايقة ضدّ عزّة سليمان العديد من ردود الفعل الغاضبة والمتفاجئة. ولكن "ما الّذي ارتكبته عزّة؟" هذا سؤال أودّ الإجابة عليه. English

Anti-feminism, then and now

Menace and the threat of violence have a particular address to women. Welcome to a new phase of anti-feminism.

The sexual politics of meat

Wings, thighs and breasts: menu choices, or an individual who matters so little that her body parts can be consumed for someone else’s enjoyment?

Six books Muslim (and non-Muslim) women should add to their reading list

These books on faith and feminism will force you to reevaluate your stereotypes of Muslims. 

Intersectional pain: what I’ve learned from hospices and feminism of colour

Might pain and oppression be like love—a simple thunderbolt at times, and in other circumstances complex and slow burning over generations? 

Challenging patriarchy in Kyrgyzstan

A post-Soviet generation of feminists is struggling to transform society through a mix of personal and political action. 

Objectifying female fighters

We must acknowledge women's agency without allocating gratuitous attention to physical appearances or banal insinuations regarding their somehow 'illicit' deviation from conventional roles.

Western blind spot: the Kurds' forgotten war in Syria

A victory for the Kurds and their allies in Syria is a victory for all who want a future that is dictated neither by fundamentalists nor imperialists.

Seeing the women in revolutionary Syria

The battle for Syrian women's liberation is multi-faceted; and from first-hand experience, we learn just how often the intersectional modes of oppression are themselves used to undermine power. 

An appreciation of Ailsa McKay, 1963 – 2014

Scottish feminist economist Ailsa McKay died last week after a battle with cancer and a lifetime inspiring a better kind of economics in Scotland and across the world.

Enough talk about intersectionality. Let's get on with it

What are we not doing while so many of our movement's resources are being used for unproductive internal arguments?

The rape victims prosecuted for "false" rape allegations

Gail Sherwood was raped three times by a stalker, forced to retract her allegations and sentenced to two years in prison. Lisa Longstaff argues that her case is one example of a police witch-hunt against women wrongly accused of lying about rape that is undermining 35 years of campaigning for justice

On men and international men's day

International men's day risks being used as an argument against women's rights and feminism. But can it become a reminder of how dangerous masculinity can be for men as well as women? Or is even saying that problematic?

Care work is a 24 hour a day job, Mr Balls, and should be paid as such

Ed Ball's commitment to 25 hours a week free childcare is to be welcomed. But it fails to get to the core of a sexist economy which relies on care work being done for free 24 hours a day. Fiona Ranford makes the feminist case for a Basic Income.

The insidious effects of trolling women on the TV and radio in the UK

Somehow society must come to terms with this problem and start thinking of ways to address it. It doesn't only demean the women in question, it degrades us all and cheapens the public sphere.

Chauvinism on social media

Operating a spoof Twitter account during BBC Question Time gave me a glimpse of the level of misogyny that women in politics face on social media every day.

Misogyny and Twitter - confusing cause with medium

Despite the lazy characterisations of much mainstream media, misogyny is not created by new technologies and it will take much more than an "abuse button" to resolve.

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