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Guest week

On March 11 2013 openDemocracy launched a guest week with Index on Censorship on the theme of the fight for digital freedom


Padraig Reidy is senior writer for Index on Censorship.

Brian Pellot is digital adviser for Index on Censorship.

How the week unfolded

Front pages from our guest week with Index on Censorship:

  • Monday, March 11

  • Tuesday, March 12

  • Wednesday, March 13

  • Thursday, March 14

  • Friday, March 15

  • For over 40 years, Index on Censorship has campaigned for freedom of expression as the foundation of a free society.

    Through our advocacy, campaigns and reporting we challenge threats to free expression and give a voice to journalists, writers, artists and activists who have been prevented from speaking out. 


    The battle against censorship is increasingly fought online.

    “World-wide web” is a phrase that trips easily off the tongue. But the web faces a crisis: as more and more of us across the world use the web, more and more pressure is being exerted to undermine its global nature. Read on...

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression but conditions apply

    Rayna Stamboliyska

    Egypt has jailed journalists by the dozen; the Gulf is jailing people for tweets they send and surveillance companies are gearing them up. One does not need a crystal ball to see that repressive states in the MENA region will continue to suppress dissent.

    UAE's political show trials

    The latest trial saw 20 Egyptians and 10 Emiratis found guilty in a process marred by a litany of human rights and fair trial violations.The widening influence of security services, which act with complete impunity, causes grave concern for the safety of those brave enough to challenge repressive actions by the authorities.

    Don't say 'I told you so'

    Notes from EICAvoid the temptation to be smug about it: Snowden's leaks matter, and others will follow.

    The Great Firewall of China

    China’s authorities maintain a tight grip on the web. But with increasing numbers of tech-savvy users, how long can this control last? Index’s China correspondent investigates


    Banned in Russia

    YouTube’s challenge to Russia’s controversial blacklist law could aid activists in fighting Russia's growing control of the web.

    India has an internet problem

    Hastily drafted legislation has led to an upsurge in prosecution for web users.

    Private lives, public space

    As more and more interaction takes place on privately owned platforms, we should demand they protect our free speech. 

    The law and social media

    Online interaction is difficult to define under laws designed for a different age. Can we find a new way? 

    Below the line, below the belt?

    Comments threads democratise online media, but they present their own problems for free speech.


    Gathering clouds over digital freedom?

    The debate over the direction of the web has just started, and contradictory messages that need careful scrutiny are emerging from governments and corporations alike.

    Rebuilding the walls

    The internet promised “shared humanity in all its messy glory”. But national governments are keen to turn back the global tide of communications.

    Getting copyright right

    ‘Digital’ means copying. Attempts to defend copyright the old-fashioned way could have unforeseen consequences for the web.

    This week’s theme: The fight for digital freedom

    Padraig Reidy, senior writer, and Brian Pellot, digital adviser, for Index on Censorship are our guest editors for this week. They introduce us to their theme and to a range of writers, experts and activists engaged in the fight for digital freedom.

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