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Adam Bychawski

Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Tackling the housing crisis with Urban Land Trusts

The most urgent problem facing the next generation is the unaffordability of housing.  Although any solution will involve several elements, a central feature must be a major increase in public invest...

Barcelona en Comú: an unstoppable transformative tide

Barcelona en Comú continues to make waves and has transformed the water, energy and public housing sectors in Spain’s second largest city.

5 ways to solve the housing crisis

Our cities need homes - not safety deposit boxes in the sky.

Why mental health is the hidden cost of the housing crisis

Our homes are supposed to be safe and welcoming, yet one in five adults in the UK suffer from mental health problems due to housing pressures.

Falling house prices could be the reboot our economy desperately needs. But only if we prepare for a soft landing

The housing market seems balanced on a knife edge. In January house prices fell for the second month in a row and buyer enquiries fell for the tenth consecutive month. Some commentators are calling fo...

Manchester is not a 'radical city', Salford is - of housing, Labour, and neoliberal bastions

As the Corbynistas besiege the New Labour diehards, as in other Labour-run councils, the main battleground is housing. Meanwhile, Salford is pursuing a genuinely radical path.

Guardians of the Property: pop-up housing for pop-up people

Property guardians – a win-win for everyone (except squatters)? Or a new class of exploitation that’s taken root amidst the housing crisis in London and European cities?

How to start a housing movement

Radical groups working on housing, racism, poverty, sex worker and migrant rights are springing up all over London. Embedded in local communities, they are seasoned activists, precarious workers and families.

It’s time to call the housing crisis what it really is: the largest transfer of wealth in living memory

One of the basic claims of capitalism is that people are rewarded in line with their effort and productivity. Another is that the economy is not a zero sum game. The beauty of a capitalist economy, we...

The 51st State of Housing: The American housing crisis, and what it means for the UK

The following is an extract from the introduction to my book, ‘There’s No Place: The American housing crisis and what it means for the UK’. The book was published on 16th June 2017, two days aft...

To solve the housing crisis, we need to fix our broken land economy

The UK, along with many other advanced economies, is facing a major housing affordability crisis. Average house prices are now on average nearly eight times that of incomes across England and Wales, a...

Dublin’s housing: a cultural revolution

Home Sweet Home is a radical and highly creative campaign to force political action on Dublin homelessness; a revolutionary criticism of Ireland’s broken housing market, booms, busts and corruption.

"We don’t have a refugee crisis. We have a housing crisis."

With national and European governments in gridlock, the cities themselves have decided to bypass the state level altogether and forge ahead with some very innovative solutions to the crises facing Europe today.

Eviction and housing racism in Bucharest

A community has been living on the streets for one year in protest against a racist and dysfunctional Romanian state that does not care about them or the thousands of others in their situation.

From the squares to power in four years, 10 days

How Spain’s skilful activists have transformed politics during the crisis years and how the full effects of 15-M are still emerging. Español.

Reclaiming life in the precarious city

Despite the recent crackdown on squatting in the UK and Europe, across the Global North we are now witnessing the slow emergence of an alternative politics of housing that seeks to challenge the pieties of neoliberal restructuring, and re-think ways of inhabiting cities.

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