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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Love beyond borders

How will the hardening of immigration policies affect the radical potential of romance?

US immigration policy leaves millions in limbo

As non-citizens or residents, immigrants in US detention centers are not afforded the basic rights and accommodations that are supposed to be provided to regular prisoners. Samuel’s case is revealing. Español

The Migrant Quilt: re-stitching the fabric of community

Memory is the first form of resistance.

"We Dreamers are like you, and you are like us"

Some 6.5 million undocumented youths and children of immigrants currently living in the United States, the so-called Dreamers, face deportation if Congress fails to reach an agreement on DACA. Interview. Español Português

“Nós Dreamers somos como vocês e vocês são como nós”

Milhões de jovens sem documentos vivem actualmente nos Estados Unidos. Os chamados Dreamers correm o risco de serem deportados se o Congresso não chegar a um acordo sobre o DACA. Entrevista. Español English

The end of DACA: Trump tells immigrant dreamer children to “Prepare for departure”

As the Trump administration prepares to dismantle the 5-year program through which some 790,000 children lived temporarily without fear of deportation. Yet DACA did not provide a pathway to residency or citizenship Español

We’ve been down this road before

A powerful new video shows how immigrants have been scapegoated throughout US history (4 minutes). 

Building community in Berlin’s Sharehaus

Often, things that are seen as a problem in society are not: the house where locals and refugees live and work together. 

The wretched of the sea: an Algerian perspective

The securitisation of immigration control has failed to solve the migrant crisis because it ignores the root cause: a global system that puts profits before people.

Exile Nation: The Plastic People

The need for a despised underclass of darker-skinned cheap labor has underpinned American prosperity since slavery. A new film looks at the lives of the latest class of disposable “plastic people.” 

Immigration is a human right

Not only should we all have the right to move, but other vital rights are dependent upon it.

Why immigration no longer works

By maintaining the moral and social umbilical cord with "home", modern communications technologies are causing major difficulties in the functioning of mass migration.

The case for treating migrants well is about much more than the economy

The government has been hiding evidence that immigration costs jobs. It doesn't, but those who want to defend migrants shouldn't be distracted by such arguments - the case for allowing people to move is about much more than economics.

The other side of the border - Elysium and The Plastic People

While Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium depicts a highly exaggerated science-fiction future, and Charles Shaw’s The Plastic People presents the grim conditions of the all-too-real present, the inspiration for both films came suddenly and unexpectedly from the same brutal streets of Tijuana, Mexico.

Farage is right - it's not just the economy, stupid!

The immigration debate is about more than jobs and taxes; it is about the small everyday changes that people feel are undermining their sense of belonging. It should not be left to UKIP alone to speak on these issues.

Romanian and Bulgarian migrants - it’s not immigration but xenophobia we should be discussing

Behind the smokescreen of inaccurate economic figures and scare stories, the political decisions being taken by the Coalition are largely about legitimising xenophobia to cover the ineptitude of the ruling class.

The spread of social blindness: migrants & the immigration Bill

The government's immigration Bill is dehumanising, divisive, callous and unwarranted. We all have a duty to oppose it.

How do the British really feel about immigration?

Illuminating the huge gap between perceptions and reality. A report on research by Ipsos Mori for Unbound Philanthropy.

Slavery and the African empire - an unfamiliar history

For centuries, much of Europe was integrated into a vast African empire. Yet we refuse to fully understand our history. For this tradition of not knowing the West is paying a price it has not yet begun to calculate.

How to abolish a free health service, step one

The migrant NHS plans are just the first and politically easiest step to ending a 'free at the point of use' NHS. 

The NHS and dog whistle politics

The new Immigration Bill introduces hefty charges for migrants to use the NHS. It is a costly, wrong-headed insult to the migrants - like my father - on whom the NHS has always relied.

Is your crucifix too big?

A proposed Canadian ban on "ostentatious religious symbols" shows that for migrants, "being Canadian" may mean having to become someone else. 

Immigration and the British dream

Does solidarity break down with multiculturalism? And if so, how can we respond? Rumy Hasan reviews The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-war Immigration by David Goodhart.

What would Attenborough say about the Irish genocide?

The exploitation of the Irish economy during the potato famine caused widespread devastation. With the justification of overpopulation, to what extent does David Attenborough echo these intentions in the present day?

How politicians and the media made us hate immigrants

Politicians and the press are locked in a cycle of increasing anti-immigrant rhetoric, presented as 'uncomfortable truth'. Yet the problem is not immigration but socio-economic inequality. Poverty and exclusion are faced by working class people of all backgrounds. 

Experts oppose migrant healthcare proposals - will government listen?

Almost everyone from lawyers and healthcare experts to trade unions is telling government their proposals to charge migrants for healthcare are flawed - but will they listen? 

Is it politicians or the press creating anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain?

It is the main parties that are responsible for the public’s increasingly hardening attitude, not the Daily Mail and UKIP.

Erdoğan and Cameron - shared values?

Despite the widespread violence caused by the state in Turkey, Cameron has alluded his alliance to the Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan stating they have the same values. But just as citizens seek to react against Cameron's bullying tactics on immigration, there is an equal opportunity for those in Turkey who are looking to have another swipe at Erdoğan’s plans.

Migrant-bashing as a PR stunt

The UKBA "racist vans" have caused a great deal of unrest through their racially profiled spot checks. What were the real causes and aims of this grubby campaign?

Migrants, "fairness" and the NHS

If the government does not have evidence of a significant problem with “health tourism”, why is it proposing setting up an expensive and cumbersome system to address it?

Welcome to America?

With immigration policy the hottest of hot button issues in America, is it possible to transform the debate? Only by engaging with each other at a much deeper level to create a collective vision of the future.

Healthcare in Britain - first they came for the immigrants

NHS and public sector trade unionists speak out in defence of universal health care.

Five points which must not be lost in the debate on NHS access

The Government’s plans to further limit migrant access to NHS services as part of the forthcoming Immigration Bill are a striking example of how quickly the terms of public debate can change on an issue - and how rapidly such a shift can undermine years of evidence-based policy-making.

The Windrush docks in Britain - 65 years on today

A foundational moment in the story of multi-ethnic Britain, and brought to life in Danny Boyle's Olympic ceremony, the Windrush is an integral part of the modern British narrative and its relevance continues to this day.

The A&E blame game

Clare Gerada, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, wonders who is going to get the blame for the A&E crisis next.

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