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How cultural appropriation becomes trendy—and the real cost of our consumerism

Doing good doesn’t, and shouldn’t, always feel good. For the sake of justice, let’s face that discomfort.

Anti-feminism, then and now

Menace and the threat of violence have a particular address to women. Welcome to a new phase of anti-feminism.

Will black people also be excluded from Mars?

In the new space race, whose version of humanity is being targeted for saving?

Is it time to say goodbye to the non-binary in gender?

Being defined by a negative speaks more of bureaucracy than of sex or self-expression. 

Ferguson Rises: a documentary on love, hope and beauty

Mobolaji Olambiwonnu hopes his new film on the killing of Michael Brown will bring healing, dignity, and investment to Black communities affected by police violence.

It’s gender that’s a joke, not queerness

Being genderqueer is not about displaying an intellectual image—it’s a matter of life and death.

The spectre of female otherness is haunting athletics

Hyperandrogenic competitors are not men, and exceptional women shouldn’t be excluded on the grounds that ‘normal’ women feel threatened by their masculine traits. 

A new activist toolkit arrives in beautiful fashion

Lots of resources on nonviolent action come from the global north, yet courageous activists in the global south are living a whole other political life.

The sexual politics of meat

Wings, thighs and breasts: menu choices, or an individual who matters so little that her body parts can be consumed for someone else’s enjoyment?

Love without monogamy

Expanding the meaning of marriage beyond heterosexual relations captures the spirit of the times but misses the pulse of the future.

Six books Muslim (and non-Muslim) women should add to their reading list

These books on faith and feminism will force you to reevaluate your stereotypes of Muslims. 

The ugly and violent death of gender conformity

How long will it take for gender fluidity to be viewed as a healthy expression of human identity?

Looking back: 12 of Transformation's greatest articles

I'm leaving after three years at openDemocracy. Here are some of my favourite, must-read articles from writers to watch out for.

Olympians without nations: first-ever team of refugees heads to Summer Games

With 20 million refugees worldwide, the International Olympic Committee announces a new team to make the games more inclusive for people without a nation to call home.

Why I stormed the Tate Modern in protest against violent men

On 13 June over 150 feminist activists mourned the murder and erasure of artist Ana Mendieta. We were there for our sisters who did not survive.

Nude protests, sex strikes and the power of the taboo

Nonviolent tactics like stripping naked can be highly effective political advocacy, even ending wars, particularly across the African continent.

Islam and the future of tolerance

A new book by best-selling atheist Sam Harris and Islamist-turned-reformist Maajid Nawaz fails to convince.

Four ways mainstream animal rights movements are oppressive

Animal rights campaigns like PETA care more for animals than they do for the lives of marginalized people.

This is why using 'they' as a gender pronoun is so important

The 'they' prounoun carries emotional weight, affirms others, and challenges our assumptions about gender.

Meet the sex workers using art to expose truths about the sex industry

Ahead of the opening of Sex Workers' Opera tonight, these arts activists are fighting the battle for hearts and minds.

The unbearable whiteness of science fiction

Speculative fiction is just as rooted in white supremacy as any other genre. When a transformative vision of racial justice shows itself, it's rooted in communities of color.

Ending the silence around German colonialism

At least 300,000 people died at the hands of German colonizers during its empire. These art projects are uncovering colonial histories to understand racism in Germany today.

Transforming the politics of makeup

Drag is everywhere. Drag is looks you created and looks you woke up with. At heart, the transformative nature of makeup is about allowing your curious self to flourish.

Are refugees really welcome? Inside the fight to save Berlin's Wagenplatz Kanal

The Berlin Senate is trying to replace a refugee-led activist space with a refugee camp. Why?

How to decolonise mental health services

UK mental health service providers are still failing to deal with race and ethnicity.

Seven ways social justice language can become abusive in intimate relationships

There is always a choice. If we have the strength to survive oppression, we have the strength to choose not to abuse each other.

Three myths about sex work that harm everyone

It's not just young girls and big bad wolves. Lies and misconceptions about sex work can hurt women and keep negative stereotypes alive.

Staying alive: Kate Bornstein gives the finger to cancer, suicide, and the gender binary

"Once you break down a huge fucking binary like gender, no other binaries seem to make sense": an interview with the much-loved trans author and artist.

Decolonial love: five ways to resist oppression in your relationships

We're never going to get anywhere as long as our economies of attraction resemble the economies of attraction of white supremacy.

There's more to being gay than anal penetration

Public portrayals of gay men are highly sexualized, often centred around anal penetration. Sex is shown as quintessential; intimacy, dispensible.

The radical work of healing: Fania and Angela Davis on a new kind of civil rights activism

"Self-care and healing and attention to the body and the spiritual dimension – all of this is now a part of radical social justice struggles."

How to make love revolutionary

If you are only attracted to able, 'mentally well', cis, normatively beautiful people, from class privileged backgrounds, then you are upholding violent norms.

Workaholics anonymous: four ways to take time out

Being an effective, productive employee was everything I dreamt of. Until illness caught up with me and I had to learn to take a break.

The legend of Greenham Common women's peace camp

Greenham was an alternative world, an anti-nuclear protest by hundreds of thousands of women activists. At 'Bringing Greenham Home', we relived the spirit with films and talks from those who were there.

Six key messages about sexual violence in UK activist communities

The Salvage research project listens to survivors of activist sexual violence: here's what they've learned.

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