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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The ‘mafia principle’ and godfather Trump

Donald Trump is not an aberration. He is the extreme manifestation of an existing foreign policy doctrine - the ‘mafia principle’ – and he is determined to release the whole potential of its violent core.

'Contempt of parliament': after Chilcot, can Blair be prosecuted?

The past 13 years have seen successive calls for former UK premier Tony Blair to be prosecuted for his part in the Iraq war. Has the Chilcot Report strengthened the potential legal case against him?

Iraq and chemical weapons: A view from the inside

In an interview originally published in 2003, Ron G Manley talks to openDemocracy about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.

National conflict reflected in diasporas: the quest for recognition among Kurdish youth in Sweden

Recognition is the first step towards reconciliation for Kurdish youth living in Sweden

Asymmetric war: Iran and the new normal

The ability of Iran’s military to learn from experience and become adept in irregular warfare echoes that of insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also presents the United States with hard choices.

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