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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Palestinian rights activists must prove relevance

Palestinian rights groups must realize that they have limited international influence, but that Palestinians have high expectations. The war in Gaza has challenged them further, and they must step up their efforts. From the openGlobalRights debate, Human rights: mass or elite movementالعربية

A fresh look: towards an Israel-Palestine two-state solution

A two-state solution is still possible in Israel and Palestine, but it will take a more aggressive strategy - one that focuses on the religious-nationalist right on both sides, and on concrete steps towards nation-building in Palestine.

The Israeli public and the Gaza war: supporting the armed effort, doubting the strategic outcome

Anti-Semitic acts in Europe reinforced the perception that the issue was extremist hatred of Jews per se. At the same time, prominent Egyptian and even Saudi spokespersons were openly encouraging of the Israeli war effort, the US was supportive, EU foreign ministers endorsed demilitarising the Gaza Strip. But to what end?

Gaza and the Palestinian struggle for statehood

Some believe that the negotiations for a truce could lead to peace talks that produce a two-state accord. Of course, an opening for a two-state accord is the very last thing Netanyahu is seeking. But what he is seeking won’t happen.

Philip Gourevitch’s ‘honest voice’: problems with liberal Zionism

With the disappointment of metropolitan intellectuals who feel let down by the ungrateful natives, liberal Zionists fail to see why it is those natives are angry.

Forget about taming or disarming Hamas: cut it a deal it can’t refuse

Reactions to the 2014 Gaza war in Europe and the US are more polarised than hitherto. A radical solution that places Hamas at the centre of negotiations is worth consideration, if only to escape further time wasting on already defunct or moribund formulations. 

Ending religious and ethnic states will help prevent genocidal impulses

Political actors must address the place of religion and ethnicity, as defining identity markers, in the post-Arab Spring countries. The Arab Spring, after all, may have signaled the beginning of the end of exclusionary models of nationalism, and all the other isms that eventually lead to genocidal acts.

We are all complicit in the bombardment of Gaza

"We always wonder if we killed the right people, if we endangered the wrong people, if we destroyed an innocent civilian's life all because of a bad image or angle."

Rays of hope in Gaza: 13 Israeli and Palestinian groups building peace

The safety and security that every Palestinian and Israeli child deserve can only come about if all children's rights are secured. Here are some of the people trying to make that happen.

Strategic choices facing Israeli rights group during the current war

How should Israeli rights groups respond to this new war, and to the hatred many Jewish Israelis feel towards them and their work? From the openGlobalRights debate, Human rights: mass or elite movementעברית , العربيةFrançaisTürkçe, Español

Israeli rights groups don’t have to be popular to be effective

Israeli human rights groups are under extreme pressure now from right-wing nationalists who view them as traitors to the Jewish people. Yet they must continue to fight for their principles, no matter what the public thinksFrom the openGlobalRights debate, Human rights: mass or elite movement? עברית , العربيةEspañol, Français, Türkçe

Gaza: The Jewish Right and the Muslim Right

The war in Gaza has strengthened both the Muslim Right and the Jewish Right; while the results have been disastrous for the people of Gaza, they aren't good for the people of Israel either. Meredith Tax asks, what does this mean for the two state solution?

Syria and Gaza: a false equivalency

Though the indiscriminate violence in Syria and Gaza is becoming indistinguishable, unlike Syria, the west can take relatively simple measures to end the war on Gaza. 

Some are more equal than others: responses to political violence

While it is true that the US has, for once, signed up to a UN Security Council statement which calls for an "immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire”, this might still be considered a tactical step to prevent more strongly worded resolutions against Israel being proposed in the Security Council.  

Peace and the Israeli right

It is dangerous to argue that the peace process is dead, but it cannot be revived while the Israeli right is in power.

Israel vs Hamas, a war of surprises

The shock to Israel's system from the intense conflict in Gaza is profound.

The coming struggle over Palestine

We may now be moving towards a renewed conflict or struggle over the entire land of Palestine/Israel between various manifestations of Palestinian nationalism on the one hand and Zionism on the other.   

Operation Firm Cliff and another point of view

Pro-Palestinian articles complain about the lopsided score of casualties. There just don’t seem to be enough dead Israelis to suit the sensibilities of these humanitarians.

Rejecting victimhood: the case for Palestinian resistance

Seeing rocket fire from Gaza as a counter-discourse. This method of resistance is less about fatalities than undermining privilege structures in an anti-colonial context.

The security dilemma, the media and the Israeli bombardment

If you care about human life you should be appalled by what is happening in Gaza right now. But you should also be appalled if you are a hardheaded political realist. Or even if you simply love Israel.

As Israel-Palestine descends into violence, what should Europe do?

The latest effort by the Israel-aligned US to renegotiate the asymmetric power relationships of the Middle East has inevitably failed, with brutal violence following; it is time, as an alternative, for the EU to generalise the rule-based constraint on Israeli action it has tentatively essayed.

The Gaza-Iraq connection

ISIL's planners are looking beyond the military stalemate in Iraq. In this context, Israel's attacks on Gaza are a gift to the movement.   

Israel's wall: 10 years justice denied

"Operation Protective Edge" is under way, with air strikes in Gaza, 22 Palestinians killed and rockets fired at Israel. 10 years ago the International Court of Justice declared the Israeli separation wall illegal under international law. Has anything changed?

The heavy presence of Jerusalem Light Rail: why Palestinian protesters attacked the tracks

The destruction of tram stations during the protests in East Jerusalem is much more than vandalism, it shows that Palestinians are not quietly acquiescing to the ‘unification’ of the city, which they understand as the annexation of occupied land.

Lawfare in Gaza: legislative attack

The emerging landscape of "lawfare" allows military operations to remake international humanitarian law. Israel's assault on Gaza both exposes the dangers and suggests the need for a response that subjects this law to critique, says Eyal Weizman.

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