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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Could Labour be more like Syriza?

The big question is whether Labour can rise to the challenge, accept the enormity of the changes needed and put forward a compelling vision for the future. The alternative may well be "Pasokification".

Race, migration and neoliberalism

Cheap labour is vital to the neoliberal project. The left must stop competing with UKIP for unpleasantness and start building a popular narrative of diversity and pluralism.

Democratic energy beyond neoliberalism

Democratising energy would not only save thousands of lives a year but would be a big step forward in saving the planet.

Event: Disorganising the world: neoliberalism and the global

Thurs 23 Oct 2014, Marx Memorial Library, London EC1R 0DU (Facebook event)

Kilburn Manifesto: Rethinking the neoliberal world order

Neoliberalism is an international phenomenon. It is not enough to challenge it in Britain alone, we must also understand it and oppose it as a global system.

Kilburn Manifesto: The economy - changing the terms of debate

It is neither austerity nor its preceding crash which is sucking the life from Britain's economy, it is the failure of democracy that sees the economy geared solely towards wealthy interests. We must establish an economy directed to achieving social goals rather than being an end in itself.

States of imagination

People at once both despise and desire the state, and unpicking the paradoxes within attitudes to the state is essential to understanding how to move the state forward.

The end of the equality paradigm - The Kilburn Manifesto

In the last quarter of the twentieth century the world’s institutions reached a consensus: they came together to hail the goal of gender equality. Ironically, this was at the very moment when we were witnessing the limits, the exhaustion, of the equality paradigm.

A relational society - The Kilburn Manifesto

Today, social responses to peoples' needs are being pushed to the margin by the reframing of all tasks in terms of economic gain. But the development of human capabilities depends on relationships. A different set of values is needed. 

On vocabularies of neoliberal economy - The Kilburn Manifesto

At the foundations of contemporary economics, we have neoliberal terms and definitions. In what way has this shaped our thinking, imposed its own logic on economic experience, and in what way can we subvert these terms to help us overcome the crisis we are in?

The Kilburn Manifesto - Framing Statement

The Kilburn Manifesto from Soundings is an ambitious 12 month project that looks to map out alternatives for the post-08 world. This is Mike Rustin on the Framing Statement.

After neoliberalism? Introduction to the Kilburn Manifesto

Doreen Massey introduces the Kilburn Manifesto from Soundings, an ambitious 12 month project that looks to map out alternatives for the post-08 world. OurKingdom will be publishing accompanying articles to each installment.

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