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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Two years after the Mariana disaster, the mining industry keeps the upper hand in Brazil

Brazil's biggest environmental catastrophe of recent times is reaching its two-year mark, but the mining company is still trying to evade its responsibilities by co-opting the state. Español Português

Protesting in Guatemala

Guatemala has witnessed massive social protests against President Jimmy Morales and the connivance of 107 lawmakers who enacted a law protecting the corrupt. Español

Mexico: when Trump only makes things worse

Many Mexican households depend on remittances from abroad, mostly from the United States. How are they to recover from recent natural disasters if Trump decides to impose higher taxes on them? Spanish 

The Disappearance of Santiago Maldonado in the Struggle of the Lof Cushamen

In this case, it is not just the disappearance of an activist, but also an attempt to dissuade others from participating in social mobilization. Español

China leads the BRICS: building an alternative to US hegemony

With China playing the champion of globalization and multilateralism, the BRICS held in September their first formal summit after Trump's inauguration. China leads the way to an alternative to US hegemony. Español

Truth, memory and democracy in Latin America

For collective remembrance of crimes to go beyond storytelling and momentary indignation, citizens should be involved in the ideation, creation and dissemination of memory. Español

Can China help fix Venezuela?

After years of economic mismanagement and political strife, Venezuela finds itself in the midst of a political, economic, and humanitarian crisis, due in part to a loans-for-oil debtor relationship with China. Español Português

Venezuela as a Latin American challenge

Venezuela is facing today the most painful and far-reaching crisis in America. Many interests are at stake. Español

Internet and political innovation in Latin America’s representative democracies

The model of representative democracy in Latin America presents a vital problem: elected representatives are, in general, unable to respond to the demands of those they represent. Español Português

Manifesto: Minga of thought “Communication and indigenous peoples”

In Colombia on July 15, 2017, the Native and Afro-descendant Peoples of Abya Yala, Cartagena de Indias, wrote a manifesto to build a web of intercultural relations. Español

Innovating Democracy in Latin America

The LATINNO Project aims at making democratic innovations measurable and comparable, allowing for assessments of their actual role and impact on democracy in Latin America. Español

Chinese investors zero-in on Latin America

According to a new report from the Atlantic Council and the OECD Development Center, China's direct investment in Latin America continues to rise fast. Español Português

Environmental and land activist killings hit an all-time high

At least 200 environmental and land rights defenders were murdered in 2016 – 60% of them in Latin America. Español Português

Latin America’s turn to the right: implications for Palestine

Over the past year a number of Latin American elections resulted in victories for the right. What does this political change mean for the Palestinian cause?

oD Drug & Criminal Justice Policy Forum: Front Line Report - March 15, 2012

It's hard to know these days which way the proverbial worm is turning when it comes to shifts in drug policy. Election years tend to do that. Despite an historical turn of events in Central America which saw Presidents of drug trafficking nations come together to call for world wide decriminalization of drugs, in an effort to end the violence and corruption of the drug trade, the US continues to demur, absurdly claiming that the "War on Drugs" has been a success. Even stranger is Canada's recent announcement that they plan to follow the US model of a "tough on crime" approach to drug policy, which threatens to swell their correctional system in the same ways as in the US. Still, good news abounds with recent studies showing that LSD can cure alcoholism, psychedelics can cure PTSD, and cannabis smoking is not nearly as harmful as the prohibition governments claim. ~ CS 

oD Drug Policy Forum: Front Line Report - Week of June 12th 2011

The Wire has been described by many critics as the greatest television series ever made and it has been praised for its realistic portrayal of urban life - especially the war on drugs. We lead this week’s Drug Policy Report with an excellent HCLU interview by Peter Sarosi with Sonja Sohn, who plays Detective Kima Greggs ~ MW & CS

oD Drug Policy Forum: Front Line Report - Week of April 25th 2011

With around 80,000 claimants of Incapacity Benefit having a drug or alcohol dependency, we lead this weeks report with DrugScope's caution over the DWP's 'incapacity revolution'. In other news we look at injecting drug use in prisons; calls for drug policy reform in Poland; and Wikileaks reveals the extent of the DEAs global reach ~ MW & CS

Authentic journalism: weapon of the people

The path out of the crises wrought by commercial journalism opens when citizens steal back the mission that big media claimed but failed to do: Honest, coherent storytelling.
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