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Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Fearless Cities municipalism: experiments in autogestion

For growing numbers of municipalists, new politics means fundamentally reshaping the bundle of relationships that constitute the alienating state-machine, in favour of new forms of collective social organisation.

Women in politics in Latin America, from the Pink Tide to the turn to the Right

Until recently, there was a significant presence of women in the political frontline in Latin America. The current turn to the Right seems to produce the opposite. Or does it? Español

The New Right governments' empty chair strategy at UNASUR

On April 20, the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru informed that they would "temporarily" suspend their participation in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). Español

A revolution with the name of a woman

In the entire world, and particularly in the Southern Cone, a cultural and social revolution is rising. It implies a change of paradigm with respect to the rights of men and women. Español

Feminist legal mobilization for abortion rights in Latin America

Legal mobilization for abortion rights, or the use of the law and the courts by feminist actors in their pursuit of abortion legalization, is a recent development in Latin America. Spanish

Enfrentarse al populismo autoritario: la dimensión rural

Junto a los intereses de clase y las desigualdades, la religión, las dinámicas de género, el lugar y la identidad cultural son los factores que conforman el auge del populismo autoritario en las zonas rurales. English

La política de los sentimientos

Los sentimientos siempre han jugado un rol clave en política. En muchos sentidos, la política es el arte de la persuasión. English

Cuba y América Latina: ¿solidarios o cómplices?

Los gobiernos latinoamericanos de derecha o de izquierda no parecen preocupados por el futuro de Cuba que condena a sus ciudadanos a vivir estancados en un tiempo que pasó.

Honduras, the country where even the police are fed up with electoral fraud and violence

In a country that lives from institutional crisis to institutional crisis since the coup d'état in 2009, the current president clings to power despite allegedly losing the elections. Español

Honduras, el país donde hasta la policía se hartó del fraude electoral y la violencia

En un país que vive de crisis en crisis institucional desde el golpe de Estado de 2009, el actual presidente se aferra al poder a pesar de perder supuestamente las elecciones. English

Forever Evo?

A court ruling authorizes the reelection of Evo Morales. The Bolivian president is looking to Argentina and Ecuador to convince himself that the "process of change" depends only on him. Español

The building of the Indian as a violent character

There is no repression without demonization. In Argentina, demonizing is being used to place native communities outside the rule of law, so that “counter-terrorist war” can be waged against them. Español

El Salvador: from dialogue to death

Since January 2015, the war opposing criminal gangs and the State has resulted in 15.000 dead. Attempts at truce have been unsuccessful. Fear has taken over the country. Español

El Salvador: del diálogo a la muerte

La guerra entre las pandillas y el Estado se ha cobrado 15.000 muertos desde enero de 2015. Los intentos de tregua han sido infructuosos. El miedo se ha apoderado del país. English

7 keys to understanding Honduras’ declining homicide rate

Due to a combination of factors, Honduras is on track to close out 2017 with a significantly lower homicide rate than has been observed in previous years. Español

This is why we fight: Interview with Isabel Flota Ayala

AWID spoke with Isabel Flota Ayala, an indigenous activist from the International Indigenous Women’s Fund (IIWF) about people who fought bravely for her communities. Español

Nothing justifies homicide!. #InstintoDeVida in Latin America

It is urgent that in the 7 most lethal countries of Latin America we adopt plans for the reduction of homicides. The task before us is titanic. However, we know what the problem is and have tools at our disposal. #InstintoDeVida. Español

The New Left Agenda of Human Rights in Latin America: Which Rights Matter?

The resurgence of socio-economic claims and a greater emphasis on cultural rights have created a more diffuse and nuanced debate. Few areas of the world exemplify these changes more than Latin America. Español

Understanding arms trafficking in Colombia

In Colombia, more than 70% of the homicides are committed with firearms coming from at least twenty countries. Their main recipients are drug traffickers and criminal gangs. Español

The Brazilian paradox

The putschist Brazilian administration is not addressing the previous policy shortcomings constructively. Here’s the Foreword of Lena Lavinas' new book: The Takeover of Social Policy by Financialization – the Brazilian Paradox. Español Português

Challenging elections in Chile

Some of today's established reforms in Chile will go down in History as significant changes, yet Michele Bachelet ends up her second term in office with a mere 25% approval rating. Español

Government ads, a powerful tool against press freedom in Mexico

You just have to follow the money trail: who benefits from the 38.000 million pesos (2 billion US $ aprox) in government advertising that President Enrique Peña Nieto spent, to date? Español

The risky business of Fujimori’s pardon

Peruvian president Kuczynski hesitates, but several members of his party favour the ex-president's release from prison. Meanwhile, brothers Keiko and Kenyi hold opposing views on their father’s pardon. Español

Colombia: the power struggle in Tumaco and Alto Mira

If the government fails to defend the farmers who have accepted the voluntary substitution of their coca crops, it will never win the support of the population for the Peace Agreement. Español

America's Drug War is Devastating Mexico

As a spill over of the drug’s war, a vast network of criminal economy is spreading amid vast corruption, impunity, and mounting deaths. Español

Santiago Maldonado: the truth about what happened in the morgue

More than 50 people surrounded the corpse resting on a steel stretcher. Under a white light, the experts analyzed it. The body already has a name. Español

Social opposition to extractive industries hits all-time high in Colombia

Tensions over land and natural resources persist in rural areas despite the end of the conflict between the FARC and the Colombian government, partly because the government continues to prioritize the extraction and export of commodities such as oil. Español Português

Two years after the Mariana disaster, the mining industry keeps the upper hand in Brazil

Brazil's biggest environmental catastrophe of recent times is reaching its two-year mark, but the mining company is still trying to evade its responsibilities by co-opting the state. Español Português

Protesting in Guatemala

Guatemala has witnessed massive social protests against President Jimmy Morales and the connivance of 107 lawmakers who enacted a law protecting the corrupt. Español

Mexico: when Trump only makes things worse

Many Mexican households depend on remittances from abroad, mostly from the United States. How are they to recover from recent natural disasters if Trump decides to impose higher taxes on them? Spanish 

The Disappearance of Santiago Maldonado in the Struggle of the Lof Cushamen

In this case, it is not just the disappearance of an activist, but also an attempt to dissuade others from participating in social mobilization. Español

China leads the BRICS: building an alternative to US hegemony

With China playing the champion of globalization and multilateralism, the BRICS held in September their first formal summit after Trump's inauguration. China leads the way to an alternative to US hegemony. Español

Truth, memory and democracy in Latin America

For collective remembrance of crimes to go beyond storytelling and momentary indignation, citizens should be involved in the ideation, creation and dissemination of memory. Español

Can China help fix Venezuela?

After years of economic mismanagement and political strife, Venezuela finds itself in the midst of a political, economic, and humanitarian crisis, due in part to a loans-for-oil debtor relationship with China. Español Português

Venezuela as a Latin American challenge

Venezuela is facing today the most painful and far-reaching crisis in America. Many interests are at stake. Español

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