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Constitutional conventions: best practice

English charity sector lobbied Hunt to keep controversial NHS privatisation rules

Who benefits if charity leaders lobby for more competition in the NHS?

2020 Health working with Lord Howe to make the NHS a"UK Plc Asset"

A healthcare think tank with multiple links to coalition peers wants to turn the NHS into an “asset” of “UK Plc”, according to documents released by the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information Act which also suggest the government needs to “charm” private healthcare “international corporations”.

Milburn, the NHS, and Britain's 'revolving door'

As the government ploughs on with its NHS ‘reforms’ in the face of opposition from medics and the public, whose interests are really driving these reforms? The latest move by former Health Secretary Alan Milburn provides a clue.

What was the real purpose of Virgin's mysterious report into NHS customer service?

In 2000, Labour asked Virgin to report on customer services in the NHS. What they delivered went well beyond this remit, proposing policies and agendas eerily similar to what would become New Labour's NHS marketisation strategy. Who were the mystery authors, and what was Labour's role?

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