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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Professional solidarity with Palestine: a mental health imperative

Palestinian mental health professionals will continue critical dialogue of the occupation until its hegemony is exposed and deconstructed.

Mental health and deaths after police contact – why Seni's Law is welcome but more is needed

The mental health system is creaking – and it's particularly black communities who are paying a sometimes terrible price as a result.

Living the double life: behind the lies of women's daily lives in Egypt

The consequences of living this sort of double-life go far beyond family disagreements.

Johann Hari: Uncovering the real causes of depression, and the unexpected solutions

Interview with writer Johann Hari about his new book, Lost Connections

The rise of anxiety in the age of inequality

In a world so focused on mindless consumption and status acquisition, the developed world’s epidemic of anxiety and depression should come as no surprise.

الفاعلية النفسية والأمل: مساعدة المجتمعات على معالجة نفسها

يتناول هذا المقال نموذجًا يرتكز على مجالس مستقلة التنظيم تابعة للمعارضة كشريكٍ رئيسي محتمل في تعزيز القدرة على معالجة الصحة العقلية في المجتمعات المتأثرة بالصراع. English

Agency and hope: helping communities healing themselves

When planning mental health services, treating PTSD is what usually comes to mind. What role do local communities play in building resiliency in Syria? عربي

The thinking behind a mental health workers pledge for Palestine

Concerned professionals may need to move beyond their accustomed professional roles to support a genuine transformation in Israel and occupied Palestine that respects the human needs and rights of all who live there.

A dance of destitution - psychology's clash over coercion

Job centres are becoming gladiatorial arenas where unemployed people and professionals slug it out, whilst the ethical battle rages.

Cheer up ‘Bifo’—history hasn’t ended yet

What’s the relationship between capitalism and mental health? A review of Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi’s Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide.

Alcoholism, the NHS, and political hypocrisy

Politicians show sympathy for the sadly premature death of Charles Kennedy - but none for the ordinary alcoholic, facing cuts to services and threats of charges for A&E use.

Four reasons Nick Clegg is no mental health saviour

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has some nerve to appoint himself the champion of the mentally ill.

Depression needs more than mass-produced talking treatment

Has there really been a breakthrough in talking treatments for depression as claimed, or are formulaic policies driving out more humane interactions with the mentally unwell?

Take our 'treatment' or we'll stop your benefits, Tories threaten mentally ill

Proposals to strip benefits from depressed people who 'refuse' treatment are unethical, ignore root causes, and are likely to force people into inappropriate treatment or penury.

The only 'parity' for mental health is that it is being cut and privatised as well

Mental health services are amongst the hardest hit by cuts and privatisation. A new Charter suggests how people can build alliances and fight back. 

Patients occupy threatened mental health clinic, some signs of victory?

A seven-week occupation of a Cambridge NHS mental health clinic in Britain threatened with closure is having more success than past campaigning - is this the way forward?

To survive bipolar disorder, I needed people who didn't love me

There is a unique hope in a stranger's kindness. Despite my catatonic state, despite barely recognising the people I loved, I knew that a society with a system that cares the way the NHS does, is somewhere I could learn to live. Part of Transformation's politics of mental health series. Content warning.

Treat your own dementia, Essex patients told

As Essex council closes the only daycare centre for dementia patients in the South of the county, its councillors cause a storm by suggesting a one-day 'dementia cube' workshop is a suitable alternative.

Labour's new health ideas - will they rescue NHS from 'organisational dementia'?

We've been tweeting our thoughts on Labour's Oldham Commission on 'Whole Person Care', which launches its report today on integrating Health & Social Care. 

Mental health - a Cinderella service no more?

Is the Cinderella service given hope by Nick Clegg's attention?

Room to breathe in defence of the NHS

After this week's "Failed by the NHS" documentary, Ramona asks, can we criticise the shortcomings of NHS mental health care whilst arguing against NHS privatisation?

Don't cut mental health lifelines

Are cuts to mental health services getting overlooked in the campaign against NHS closures?

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