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Constitutional conventions: best practice

What can be done with a polarised Mexico after the elections?

Democracy in Mexico is in a permanent state of construction and it will continue as such after the presidential elections of the 1st of July. Español

Elections, polarisation and frustration in Mexico

Social and political polarisation, the assent of populism, and the blurring of the political parties are a consequence of a delegitimised institutional system, inefficient governance and persistent corruption. Español

Mexican elections: the security issue

Mexico’s next president will have to revamp the country’s security policy framework, which for more than a decade has focused on militarized confrontation with criminal gangs amid more homicides than ever. Español

Mexico on the edge of a dystopian cliff

Mexico is on the edge of a dystopian cliff. What is at stake in the upcoming presidential elections is the remnant of the country’s eroding social, economic and political stability. Español

Mexico 2018: end of an era and regime change?

This is a truly historic moment, even though the candidates seem not to acknowledge it. The election opens the opportunity for a democratic shake-up to get Mexico out of a long night of violence. Español

How an indigenous woman left her mark on a tumultuous presidential campaign in Mexico

Marichuy didn’t gather the necessary number of signatures to run for president, but that hasn’t stopped a movement’s campaign for political representation. Español

Candidate López Obrador before the drug lords

López Obrador, the presidential candidate leading the polls in Mexico, does not rule out the possibility of granting amnesty to the leaders of the drug cartels. Taboo, or pragmatism? Español

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