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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Brazilian paradox

The putschist Brazilian administration is not addressing the previous policy shortcomings constructively. Here’s the Foreword of Lena Lavinas' new book: The Takeover of Social Policy by Financialization – the Brazilian Paradox. Español Português

Neoliberal psychology

Why do we allow the logic of the market to occupy our minds?

The corruption of happiness

Anger and injustice need hearing, not treating. Unhappiness can be healthy.

Is passionate work a neoliberal delusion?

The rise of the creative economy encourages self-interest over collective action in the arts, but all is not lost.

Money where your mouth is: Salaita, freedom of speech, and the new market of education

I'd like to unpack the widespread idea that one's freedom of speech is relinquished when it is used in the form of “hate speech” or to “spread hate.” Hate is a legitimate and reasonable response to certain morally reprehensible realities.

Cairo: a history of people’s right to the city

A social and historical introduction to people’s struggle over the right to the city in Cairo, Egypt.

Palestinian resistance, the necessity of three fronts

Something must be done about Israel’s number one ally, the Palestinian Authority, otherwise what we are witnessing today will be merely another flare-up, as opposed to a turning point for decolonization and the beginning of an end to the occupation.

Iraq crisis: divide-and-rule in defence of a neoliberal political economy

The roots of the most recent crisis in Iraq can be traced to the US-led invasion of 2003 and western meddling in Syria. At stake, is the neoliberal blueprint of post-invasion Iraq, now defended in an effort coordinated between the Baghdad government and its western backers. 

The struggle for freedom and food sovereignty: a letter of solidarity to the farmers of Syria

The loss of control over processing agricultural goods, such as turning grains into flour, have made it easier for the regime to punish large regions with starvation, and will in the future make it easier for foreign powers to grab hold of Syria through its dependent state.

The proud neoliberalisation of Iraqi-Kurdistan

Kurdish nationalism in Iraqi-Kurdistan has been transformed from an ideology that strengthened resistance to the Iraqi Baathist dictatorship to a tool now being employed to help build shopping malls. 

Arab Spring countries need to think outside the neoliberal box

Arab countries should be wary of applying new neoliberal economic policies, since it may have been adherence to these policies that led to the conditions causing social unrest

The roots and grassroots of the Syrian revolution (Part 2 of 4)

In Part 2, the author dispels the myths used by the Syrian regime to legitimise itself. Is anything left of the regime's rhetoric of socialism, secularism and anti-imperialism?

Benefits Street: how austerity transformed makeover TV

Benefits Street was born from coalition government rhetoric: no one should receive 'anything for nothing'. The failure to transform is always personal. Nobody should be helped.

The danger of common sense

'Common sense' is key to how we negotiate politics collectively. Rather than fighting the right on its own populist turf, the left must draw out, embrace, and frame its campaigns around, the ‘good sense’ which exists within ‘common sense’.

Radical Library Camp: in the fight over information, librarians start to get organised

They say that ours is the age of information. Libraries gave us power. But now, the forces of neoliberalism are trying to take it away. In Bradford, a group of radical librarians gathered to discuss how to defend and extend the openness of one of our most important institutions..

A relational society - The Kilburn Manifesto

Today, social responses to peoples' needs are being pushed to the margin by the reframing of all tasks in terms of economic gain. But the development of human capabilities depends on relationships. A different set of values is needed. 

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