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Mariam Ali

Mariam Ali is Associate Editor for openDemocracy's Arab Awakening page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Norwegian shift to the right: 10 short lessons on The Progress Party

Notes from EICNorway seems to have taken a sharp turn to the right, and some have warned of right-wing extremism in a bastion of social democracy. A ten-step guide to understanding The Progress Party. 

Ignoring the facts: Fear and lawmaking in the UK

Notes from EICDefying her own experts, the UK Home Secretary has decided to use an evidently failed method to fight problems that don’t exist because she’s afraid of what she can’t see because it isn’t there. What is she on?

Don't say 'I told you so'

Notes from EICAvoid the temptation to be smug about it: Snowden's leaks matter, and others will follow.

Retake your privacy

The US can read your emails because you let them. Demand privacy – but take it back first.

Keep openDemocracy open

openDemocracy needs your help to survive. We have to raise £18,000 by March 31 – if we don’t, we will have to close.

A convenient "tie"

A tie that isn't quite what it seems, and a US election sideshow: pundit gut v nerd calculator. 

Heartfelt rationality

The side effects of good intentions and tolerance can be more suffering. We must let our hearts set our goals, but use the mind to pursue them. Our Editor-in-Chief reflects on rationality and the fallout of a TV-series.

Trilogy of tragedy

Three texts taken together invoke Norway’s darkest day in peacetime.

Sports for people who don't like sports

With the selection of the politically extreme Paul Ryan as his VP candidate, Romney will energize Obama’s base as well as his own, making it a watchable race for those who enjoy political blood sports.

The death of a controversy?

Non-news about a "controversy" on life support, an inconsequential U-turn and the unfortunate fact that schadenfreude won't save the climate.

Notes from the Editor-in-Chief

Our Editor-in-Chief launches a new front page feature. His first note reflects on Norway's past year and the need for eternal vigilance both against online hate speech and the new manacles on internet freedom in the pipeline.

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