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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

On 12 May 2011 openDemocracy celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Below you can read the thoughts of oD's founders and some initial selections of the best articles from the last decade.

As well as looking back in the recollections below, we're also asking all our contributors past and present, and everyone who reads openDemocracy to help us frame our agenda for the future.

Our editor Rosemary Bechler has invited everyone to send a postcard with your vision from the future of what actions helped bring about a better world by 2050...

Read our postcards...

From the future, what we want is….

An invitation to readers, commenters and contributors...

In with the bricks, out for life

A recollection of openDemocracy’s early days, by David Hayes.

How will we resist another decade of low-hanging fruit?

openDemocracy's first decade opened and closed with economic and financial crises. The first gave us the tools that will be needed to reorganise our politics to avoid more of the same; the second should give us the confidence that seemingly powerful institutions are flawed social mechanisms that ought to be within our control. If openDemocracy's economics coverage can help to reinforce these lessons, we can contribute to building a better second decade

An improbable team

It took an unlikely combination of talents to start building openDemocracy’s Tower of Babel, comments one of its founders

Top Ten on openDemocracy - Editors’ choice

openDemocracy editors choose a first draft of the best of a decade

Ten years, ten articles: a retrospect

openDemocracy is ten years old. Its deputy editor David Hayes chooses his favourite articles from the archive, one from each year of publication.

The world and the internet: influence, openness and community, a view from openDemocracy

On our tenth birthday, we republish the interview Haegwan Kim conducted in 2010 with founder, Anthony Barnett, on his past and future ambitions for openDemocracy.

Weaving networks: the growing conversation of the world

Paul Hilder was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of He is now Director of Campaigns for the UK arm of Oxfam, the global development movement.
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