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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Legalising occupation: Netanyahu's Trump card

The new law passed by the Israeli Knesset can be a dangerous precedent for the expansion and legalization of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, and the eventual annexation of large swathes of the occupied West Bank.

A new Palestinian leader for a new intifada?

A former political advisor to Hamas insists it's still too early to call a third intifada, but says it will grow into one as a new young leadership emerges.

The undeniable overlap: right-wing Zionism and Islamophobia

A considerable faction of right-wing Zionists, of the sort who have long dominated pro-Israel politics, are often linked to organised Islamophobia promotion.

Israel - the last of the settler colonies

Examining the history of colonialism suggests that Israel today is more analogous to apartheid South Africa or French Algeria than to its settler state counterparts the United States or Australia.

The return of the Arab Peace Initiative

It would be comforting to believe that a revitalised API could provide sufficient incentive for a successful peace process. Sadly, this discussion is almost certainly theoretical.

Protests and prayers are more alike than they seem

What are we to do, having faced the dual anniversary of a sacred tradition of repentance and a peace agreement in our name that has now gone awry? Everything in our power to make it right.

Jordan’s crossroads in the Arab Spring

Twin disaffection on the part of both Syrians and Palestinians in Jordan should be put in historical context. Both Palestinians and Syrians can claim historical links to Jordan, including arguments of political control and ownership, which may now surface more strongly.

'This American Life' in Israel-Palestine

Breaking the mould of uncritical US media reporting on Israel-Palestine, a recent broadcast by This American Life draws attention to the routinised disruption of Palestinian lives as central to domination under occupation, but fails to pick up on a gender perspective which sheds critical light on power.   

Bain & Co. solves Middle East crisis

Instantly, the Middle East crisis came into sharp focus. Applying NPS®, the entire conflict could be cast in terms of a company (Israel) whose customers (Palestinians) were not brand loyal.

Revolutionary change in the Arab world: what prospects for Palestinians?

It may be that the era of Palestinian nationalism as it was born, post-1948, is coming to an end. Instead we may be heading in a new direction of unity and common identity across boundaries; 1948, 1967, Diaspora - a form of unity of ‘condition’.

Libyan rebel military chief assassinated

The commander of Libyan rebel military forces has been murdered in Benghazi. Israeli President Shimon Peres is reportedly engaged in clandestine talks with Palestinian representatives. In Afghanistan, 23 people have been reported killed by roadside bombs. All in today’s security update.

Israeli Foreign Minister urges boycott of PA – Hamas government

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman calls on the International Community to boycott potential Hamas – PA government. Syrian crackdown intensifies as demonstrators continue to defy the regime. Clashes continue between Thai and Cambodian troops over a disputed border region. All this and more, in today’s security briefing…

Taliban propose joint committee to investigate civilian deaths

The Taliban propose a joint committee to investigate civilian deaths in Afghanistan. Pakistan has announced a crackdown on charities connected with Islamist militants. Israel and Palestinian Authority are on the brink of direct talks. The South African government uses a heavy hand to suppress the national strike. All this an more, in today’s security update.
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