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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The murder of pardoned FARC members in Colombia

An idea is gaining strength in the ranks of the now unarmed FARC: it is safer to stay in the rural Transitional Normalization Zones than to return to the cities. Español

Five reasons why Sergio Jaramillo will go down in history

Sergio Jaramillo, who "was the quiet force of the process of dialogues in Havana", leaves the command of the Office of the High Commissioner for peace. We reviewed his contributions to the process. Español

Colombia: guerrillas, the Pope, and a ceasefire

Both the guerrilla and the government had expressed their wish to end the talks and announce a ceasefire coinciding with the Pope's visit to Colombia. Español

Agenda item 5: Laying down arms

The terms of the final demobilisation and disarmament was one of the last items items to be negotiated, and the first to be implemented, and therefore there were significant implications for trust between the two parties. Nevertheless, faced with this pressure, it was also an area of innovation, involving active military personnel into negotiations.

Politics and diplomacy in Turkey: time to talk

Beset by domestic and regional crises, Turkey has adopted a defensive posture where dialogue would be preferable.

The United Nations and a peace process strategy for Syria

A NOREF policy brief providing a series of recommendations for the development of a peacemkaing strategy for Syria, led by the UN with support from key countries.

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