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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Disarmament and keeping violence at bay easier said than done

Perhaps the most resonant goal of the peace process, it was essential in bringing an end to the violence. However, many challenges remainEspañol

Colombia: reaping the dividends of peace

In a climate of increasingly polarized international relations, the recent successful completion of the FARC-EP disarmament process in Colombia provides the world with a hint of hope. Español

Sustaining peace

Half of all peace deals fail within five years. This is how you make them work.

Is reconciliation possible in South Sudan?

If impunity is the cost of peace, how can societies recover from violent conflict?

Dialogue in Libya: challenges and conditions of success

Steps need to be taken to promote consensus, in order to consolidate the nation to which Libyans aspire. This NOREF report explores whether there can there be dialogue in the context currently prevailing in Libya.

A solution for Syria (part 2)

This excerpt from a NOREF expert analysis outlines the steps that need to be taken to transfer power to a transitional authority, which could stabilise the country and lead reconstruction.

A solution for Syria (part 1)

Syria is central to the security and future of the Middle East, but conditions for a resolution of the Syrian conflict through a political solution do not exist. An excerpt from a NOREF expert analysis.

Rays of hope in Gaza: 13 Israeli and Palestinian groups building peace

The safety and security that every Palestinian and Israeli child deserve can only come about if all children's rights are secured. Here are some of the people trying to make that happen.

Some thoughts prompted by the celebration of Israel Independence Day

Citizens of the State of Israel celebrated their anniversary of independence on 6 May 2014. After the celebrations, the author responds to three articles recently published on openDemocracy, explaining why any proposal to close down the Palestinian Authority must sound totally illogical to Israeli ears.

Death of Kurdish workers in Turkey spark widespread violence

Turkish police killing two Kurdish industrial workers has led to mass demonstrations, widespread violence and the abduction of soldiers, raising serious doubts about the ongoing Turkey-Kurdish peace process.

Comparing the Colombian and Turkish peace processes

The Colombian conflict has more factions, presenting a complex relationship between ideology, land issues and the drug industry, while the Kurdish question concerns national identity and cultural rights. So, why is the Colombian peace process more likely to succeed?

Palestine: the lost cause?

The Iron Wall of Jabotinsky has to be torn down, and it can only be torn down through long term civil and ideological struggles against this heritage of Zionism, with the Palestinians living inside the green line playing a crucial part.

The return of the Arab Peace Initiative

It would be comforting to believe that a revitalised API could provide sufficient incentive for a successful peace process. Sadly, this discussion is almost certainly theoretical.

The forced displacement of Palestinians

Where the law fails to protect, a human rights-based approach provides a structure of accountability for both sides of the 'Green Line', from Al-Araqib to Susiya.

The death of Khalil Ibrahim: what it doesn't mean for peace in Darfur

The likely future of the JEM without Khalil Ibrahim is fragmentation and eventual disintegration

Kandahar's transition woes

The gap between the logics of security (clear) and development (hold, build and transfer) remains stark

The question of identity revisited: the challenge of nation-building in the new South Sudan

The ability to allow an inclusive social fabric to flourish will determine the success of the new state.

SOS from a Congolese peacebuilder: rescue the young democracy of DR Congo!

There are concrete steps the Congolese political establishment can take to avert post-election violence, if external pressure helps to engender the necessary political will.

Peacebuilding in Burundi: how peace transitions can work

International Alert supports a series of small post-conflict initiatives in Burundi. And some of the values that motivate these are also dear to the liberal hearts of the international community. A reply to Oliver Richmond’s ‘Liberal Peace Transitions’.
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