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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Bart’s: a flagship hits the rocks of PFI

The biggest health trust in England - the PFI-indebted Barts - has been put into 'special measures' after inspectors found it was running dangerously short-staffed and overcrowded hospitals. What does this mean for the future of East London's hopsitals?

Fifty shades of tax avoidance, or, what are the bankers doing with our schools and hospitals?

Huge sums that are supposed to fund the National Health Service are finding their way into yet more offshore tax havens, channelled through Private Finance initiative (PFI) projects. 

Seven things everyone should know about the Private Finance Initiative

The Private Finance Initiative is a big part of the privatisation that's killing England's NHS, so why aren’t any of the main parties opposed to it?

The People vs. PFI – Giving PFI a run for our money

The Private Finance Initiative is an unfair, unaccountable rip-off, destroying our NHS. A conference this Saturday (1 November) aims to show campaigners how to fight back.

Great Western Hospital slams failing PFI contractors - but can it escape?

Disastrous privatisation deals mean failing contractors Carillion have a stranglehold on NHS hospitals, with dangerous results.

David Cameron praises 'Health Heroes' while he destroys the NHS

In a Daily Mail campaign the Prime Minister deploys his personal tragedy and patronises health care workers as 'angels in aprons'. Misleading rhetoric provides cover for Cameron's legislative demolition of the NHS. 

The World Bank, the PFI hospital and the destruction of a nation's healthcare system

The World Bank promised Lesotho that its PFI-style hospital - the first in any low-income country - would cost the same as its old public hospital. Instead it is eating up half the entire nation's health budget, while paying 25% returns to the private partner.

Privatisation, a very British disease

Britain is an extreme oddity regarding privatisation: nowhere else in the advanced world is there such a willingness to sell everything that isn’t nailed down. Time and again the British public is ripped off and sold out by its leaders.

The metropolitanisation of gains, the nationalisation of losses

The prosperous South East can no longer afford to subsidise the rest of the United Kingdom. Or so runs the conventional wisdom. The facts, on the other hand, are rushing headlong in the opposite direction.

Peterborough Hospital, the NHS and Britain's privatisation racket

Solving a hospital disaster that was caused by privatisation with more privatisation, makes little sense - until you see who’s been benefiting all along.

Shout from the rooftops, Labour, save England's NHS!

Labour has a chance to show it’s serious about saving the NHS from death by a thousand privatisations.

Decision day for Hunt

Hunt has to decide by tomorrow whether to appeal his defeat over the Lewisham Hospital closure - but if he succeeds in overturning it no hospital will be safe.

NHS gets a small refund

Any extra A&E cash is welcome - but Cameron is still putting private providers and investors before patients.

What is G4S doing in England's NHS?

As G4S is exposed for overcharging on government contracts, we ask - just what is G4S doing in the NHS?

“People will die” hears Michael Mansfield QC-chaired enquiry

In advance of this week’s high court battle between Lewisham Hospital campaigners and Jeremy Hunt, a People’s Commission on Saturday heard damning evidence from clinicians and patients.

Lewisham hospital being sacrificed to the bankers

In Lewisham, the government is sacrificing a thriving local hospital in order to protect the interests of bankers, shareholders, and corporate stakeholders.

The neoliberal epidemic striking healthcare

Healthcare systems across the world are facing a 'man-made disaster' - the imposition of market-style 'reforms' that are neither appropriate nor effective. Journalist John Lister introduces his new book 'Health Policy Reform: Global Health versus Private Profit' that unpicks the facts behind the flimsy ideology.

The Lewisham scandal: market failure and the NHS

Next week Jeremy Hunt will announce the closure of A&E and maternity services, in the face of a concerted campaign which culminated in today’s 20,000+ march. I don’t think he has any realistic choice but to do this, and here’s why...

Private Finance Initiative: the scandal that refuses to break

The PFI scheme puts money from the British taxpayer into the pockets of private companies. Parliament has found it to be expensive and unsound. So why are British people still paying hundreds of billions of pounds to continue the scheme?

PFI: transferring billions from UK taxpayers to private financiers

The Private Finance Initiative has recklessly transferred billions from UK taxpayers to private financiers. Now we’re nicely asking for a little bit of our money back

PFI pigeons come home to roost in the UK. What will the bill be for Africa?

Freedom of Information act requests are now revealing the full cost of the off-balance sheet Private Finance Initiative (PFI) structures used to finance so much "public" investment in the last 20 years. If we ever find out, how much will such schemes end up costing Africa?

PPP pushers: why can't the EBRD stop?

Public Private Partnerships – the off-balance-sheet instrument of choice for indebted governments – are still central to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's mantra. Why can't they stop foisting instruments thoroughly discredited in Western Europe on those in the East?

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