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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why Labour's pledge to "renationalise electricity" doesn't go far enough

And how a Canadian province might show the way forward to deliver cheap, sustainable, democratic, planned electricity supplies.

How to stop the next Carillion - 7 steps to public ownership

Jeremy Corbyn is right - this is a ‘watershed moment’ for the ideology of privatisation that has plagued our public services for over 30 years.

We saved Lewisham hospital - but its future depends on stopping NHS privatisation

Cameron claims that the NHS is becoming more efficient - and is not being privatised or cut. But doctors know these claims are false.

Three signs that privatised rail is unsustainable

Railway privatisation has failed. It's time to put the public in charge.

"Should there be competition in the NHS?"

OurNHS openDemocracy Editor Caroline Molloy debates with Andrew Haldenby, head of the Reform think tank, in a discussion hosted by Ian Collins for the Express newspaper.

The wrong medicine

The overwhelming weight of evidence suggests market-based reforms are bad for healthcare, finds the latest report by the New Economics Foundation.

Vote Yes for the NHS - independence is the best chance to protect Scotland's NHS

The NHS has become the burning issue of the Scottish Independence Referendum. OurNHS takes a close look, and finds in favour of the Yes campaign.

The only 'parity' for mental health is that it is being cut and privatised as well

Mental health services are amongst the hardest hit by cuts and privatisation. A new Charter suggests how people can build alliances and fight back. 

Nuffield Trust report exposes Tory lies on Welsh NHS

David Cameron claimed last week that the Welsh border was "the dividing line between life and death". A new Nuffield Trust report shows such rhetoric is dishonest. 

Why we should all be alarmed about our new university 'businesses' and their enforcers

As has become clear, the universities are colluding with police and even the unions to clamp down on student protest and workers' demands. There is a common strand that links these elements, and the overall picture is deeply alarming.

Don't believe Cameron's hype - the Welsh NHS has much to teach the English

Cameron this week labelled the Welsh NHS 'a scandal', and some Blairites have echoed him. But Wales is 'doing more with less' more effectively than the English NHS - and without privatisation.   

Shock U-turn as sell-off of George Eliot hospital cancelled

The planned sell-off of George Elliott hospital has been cancelled, hailed as a "victory for common sense" by unions and campaigners.

Tory links of health agencies exposed as Hunt lines up next NHS sell-off in England

Whilst understaffed wards and surgeries turn to well-connected private sector agencies to fill the gaps created by Cameron's health 'reforms', the NHS's own in-house recruitment agency is to be sold off, it has emerged.

The student loan privatisation must be resisted

Selling off the student loans will actually cost the government more, as well as the students - but it'll be a profits bonanza for the purchaser. The public must fight back.

London's NHS at the crossroads

A duty of candour for NHS managers and ending cash-driven closures - those are amongst the recommendations of the People's Inquiry into London's NHS which raises serious concerns of creaking services in the capital. 

Outsourcing cancer care - the biggest and most reckless NHS privatisation yet?

Outsourcing over a billion pounds of cancer and end-of-life services is reckless and shows just how threadbare government promises of ‘no NHS privatisation’ have become.

Caroline Lucas MP is wrong: the Public Service Users Bill is a bad idea

We need to get rid of the unfair advantages enjoyed by the privatisers but let’s not undermine democracy in a different way instead with more diktats from central government.

Why the universities strikes are about more than just a ‘measly’ pay offer

It's not just the money, it's the direction our marketised universities are taking - enormous rewards at the top combined with a race to the bottom approach for all other staff, and a system of fees that is exacerbating inequality. It's wrong and we oppose it.

Time for a popular solution to the perils of privatisation

Caroline Lucas has launched the Public Service Users Bill in parliament, a critical first step to ending Britain's nightmare of failed privatisation. Here's what it would empower the public to do.

The NHS - my part in its downfall

I have broken the NHS in to digestible bits ripe for being eaten up by private companies, confesses an NHS clinician. 

NHS regulations are unfair: they’ll stop us tax dodging!

The healthcare companies taking over NHS provision are lobbying regulators to allow their tax avoidance schemes to continue. 

Campaign guide - NHS Privatisation

The Health & Social Care Act 2012 paved the way for rapidly accelerating NHS privatisation in England - read on for why we must try to hold it back, and some practical ideas. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

The I word

When you hear a politician or a company boasting about "investment", always ask what the investors are getting in return.

A single stitch? $500 please

Hospital costs soar in the US, showing the failings of the marketised system just as England races towards it.

Who cares? Market forces, social care and the NHS

It's the competitive market in social care that has hammered down standards. The NHS must not follow care homes down the route of privatised provision.

Would the NHS fall apart without private providers?

The NHS needs private provision like ambulances, but needs to regulate them better, suggests a voice from the private sector.

Should we turn the NHS into co-ops and mutuals?

As the government again pushes the 'mutualisation' of the NHS, Professor Dexter Whitfield argues all such transfers are privatisation.

The realities of outsourcing: court interpreters mean miscarriages of justice

Since court interpreting has been outsourced, wages have plummeted, quality of interpreting has dropped to a dangerous level, and the justice system has often ground to a halt. A foretaste of what to expect from outsourced services across the country?

Does the NHS need a 'new broom' from the private sector?

New NHS boss Simon Stevens will inherit an NHS in crisis. Will his outsider status and private sector experience be just the new broom the NHS needs - or is that part of the problem?

Privatisation, a very British disease

Britain is an extreme oddity regarding privatisation: nowhere else in the advanced world is there such a willingness to sell everything that isn’t nailed down. Time and again the British public is ripped off and sold out by its leaders.

How to abolish a free health service, step one

The migrant NHS plans are just the first and politically easiest step to ending a 'free at the point of use' NHS. 

Your right to know

Privatisation of the NHS is gathering pace, but the public currently has little right to know how our money is spent. 

NHS on the brink of extinction

The results will be terminal if coalition reforms are not reversed, warns Kailash Chand.

Public ownership is ridiculously popular. Why does no one campaign for it?

A new poll yet again shows the overwhelming popularity of public ownership of public services in the UK. Yet no major political parties reflects this position. Why not?

Inspector "very concerned" by G4S prison praised by Grayling

Chris Grayling discribed G4S run prison HMP Oakwood as an "excellent model for the future of the prison service". But a report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons this week tells a very different story...

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