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This week’s World Forum for Democracy 2017 editors

Georgios Kolliarakis

Georgios Kolliarakis political scientist, is a senior researcher at the University of Frankfurt.

Rosemary Belcher-2.jpg

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Introducing this week’s theme: Media, parties and populism.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

"Cameron lied to the country", says Clive Peedell

Yes, the Coalition is privatising the NHS, and yes it does matter who provides the service, says Clive Peedell of the National Health Action Party

Government forcing us to open NHS to competition, say commissioners

The government promised parliament that NHS competition would not be compulsory under their new laws. New evidence emerges today that these promises were false. 

The metropolitanisation of gains, the nationalisation of losses

The prosperous South East can no longer afford to subsidise the rest of the United Kingdom. Or so runs the conventional wisdom. The facts, on the other hand, are rushing headlong in the opposite direction.

Why is Channel 4 bashing the NHS now?

Channel 4's 'exclusive' that the NHS is 'failing' compared to the US system doesn't stand up to scrutiny or even common sense.

Privatising the Royal Mail will make it more expensive for them to borrow

The UK government says it is selling off the Royal Mail to allow it to borrow and invest in its future. Yet it would be cheaper for the Mail to take on loans if it weren't privatised - this shows us what the real motive is.

Peterborough Hospital, the NHS and Britain's privatisation racket

Solving a hospital disaster that was caused by privatisation with more privatisation, makes little sense - until you see who’s been benefiting all along.

NHS decisions, Eurovision-style

Transparency, Accountability and Democracy can seem like a protective triumvirate for public decision making, but these can easily turn shallow, demotic and false.

Look who's after the NHS's first billion pound privatisation

All the big beasts of NHS privatisation are hoping to get their hands on older people's NHS services - though some are employing more innovative methods than others.

More competition medicine - now it's your GP's turn

GPs are the most cost-effective part of England's NHS - so why is the government so keen to make radical changes to address the lack of 'competition'?

The race to privatise England's NHS

New figures from the NHS Support Federation prove how - despite government promises - the NHS is being rapidly privatised. 

A tale of deceit, weakness and greed

Professor Raymond Tallis gives a talk based on his best-selling "NHS SOS - how the NHS was betrayed and how we can save it." Talk hosted by Stockport NHS Watch and Keep Our NHS Public.

NHS: South of the border

Performance poet Rachel Amey looks over the border from Scotland and delivers a searing account of the attack on the English NHS. Performance recorded at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh.

Democracy has stopped Britain going to war - but can it save England's NHS?

We have just seen the importance of democracy in relation to matters of life and death overseas. We must restore it at home, too. 

Naughty boy receives coal (at our expense)

The government is giving away the rights to up to a billion tonnes of coal to a company owned by an ex-Conservative party fundraiser. Rather than filling his pockets, couldn't this revenue source be used for the public good?

Whose baby? The voluntary sector loses its way

As large charities succumb to market ideology, the fate of genuinely independent grassroots organisations - such as those supporting midwives and new mothers - hangs in the balance. 

Shout from the rooftops, Labour, save England's NHS!

Labour has a chance to show it’s serious about saving the NHS from death by a thousand privatisations.

We can’t resist privatisation unless we reinstate the national

The tragedy of privatisation in England is that it is controlled by that of Britain. Those reactionaries who then focus on the issues with Britain are diluting their cause; we need to concentrate our energies and campaigns in one direction – that of England and England alone.

NHS gets a small refund

Any extra A&E cash is welcome - but Cameron is still putting private providers and investors before patients.

Paying for private failure in England's NHS - again

The NHS is paying millions to a failed private Treatment Centre to escape a contract after a series of patient deaths - and the figures don't quite add up.

We Own It - a new campaign against the UK's disastrous privatisations

The results have been terrible. Soaring prices, corruption, fraud, enormous expense to the public purse. But Westminster is determined to keep on privatising. New campaign, 'We Own It', says enough is enough.

Room to breathe in defence of the NHS

After this week's "Failed by the NHS" documentary, Ramona asks, can we criticise the shortcomings of NHS mental health care whilst arguing against NHS privatisation?

Serco and pathology: the cost of profit in England's NHS

Serco was pleased to announce last week that GSTS Pathology – its joint venture with two London hospitals - was back in profit. But newly-released accounts show that, even after lab closures and accusations of cutting corners, GSTS is not yet the success story its owners like to suggest.

Hospital Mortality: fact, fiction or politics?

Stafford has become both justification and template for a full-scale assault on NHS hospitals - exploited by politicians and businesses who profit from cuts and privatisation.

Too posh to care

Being referred to a private hospital by the NHS doesn't neccessarily mean better care.


"Special measures" - a route to privatisation?

As with schools, now with hospitals - but where will league tables and 'special measures' lead the NHS?

Save our NHS - holiday reading special

Stuck for some holiday reading? Why not brush up on what's happening to our NHS...

The double betrayal - review of NHS SOS

The left is forever being condemned for talking of ‘betrayal’.  But it is our responsibility to describe accurately the lies and strategy that lie behind the dismemberment of the NHS and the blatant disregard of the people’s wishes – it is a ‘double betrayal’.

More NHS hospitals turning to private patients

As NHS funding cuts bite, are NHS hospitals muddying the waters between NHS and private patients?

What is G4S doing in England's NHS?

As G4S is exposed for overcharging on government contracts, we ask - just what is G4S doing in the NHS?

Rushing off a cliff - privatisation of patient transport services

As a new study shows the private sector winning the race for NHS contracts, Julius Marstrand of Cheltenham discusses how it is affecting ambulance services in the NHS in the South West.

What's really driving the EU-US trade deal?

Despite some inaccuracies from the BBC, the trade deal will deliver minimal economic benefit at best. What we are actually seeing is the framework for increased privatisation, investor protection, and a potential new era of finance in which tolls replace lending as the key profit stream.

Is anything safe?

Public resources face new sell-off threats - but once we lose our public buildings and land, it's gone for good.

A risky business

As part of our new "Reclaiming the NHS" series, a practice nurse and 38 Degrees member from Luton who wishes to remain anonymous has come forward to reveal dangerous decision-making by health bosses in her area.

What England can learn from the US - health privatisation and AIDS activism

Health must be provided socially yet the NHS needs some fundamental reshaping. Campaigners should look at the AIDS activism of the US in the 80s - it's not enough to win the arguments, you need social organisation, solidarity and shrewd leverage of the political system.

2020 Health working with Lord Howe to make the NHS a"UK Plc Asset"

A healthcare think tank with multiple links to coalition peers wants to turn the NHS into an “asset” of “UK Plc”, according to documents released by the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information Act which also suggest the government needs to “charm” private healthcare “international corporations”.

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