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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

#Brexit incierto: Las lecciones que el caos británico va dejando

A menos de 70 días de que se cumpla el plazo para el Brexit, la incertidumbre crece en medio de especulaciones y apuestas sobre el futuro de los británicos en Europa y el mundo. 

استفتاء كردستان والمعارضة السورية: لا موقف.. موقف.. وتخبّط

لم تختلف حصيلة أداء هيئات المعارضة بالعلاقة مع استفتاء الاستقلال الكردستاني من حصيلة أدائها بالعلاقة مع مسائل أخرى.

¿Tiene Cataluña derecho a la secesión?

Habiendo enseñado filosofía de la secesión en universidades de todo el mundo, sólo ahora, en reacción a Cataluña, tengo una idea de lo que puede justificar o no el derecho a la independencia. English

The survival game: post-referendum politics in Iraqi Kurdistan

The regional hostile post-referendum moves may seem to leave the Kurds with little reason for optimism, but in Kurdistan, resistance never comes as a surprise.

Iraqi Kurdistan: the fight for a seat at the table of nations

The result of Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence referendum was never in doubt, but the budding state’s future is.

Is it time we had an international framework for unilateral secession?

The current UN Charter is unsuitable, outdated and preoccupied with the era of decolonisation, which posed very different challenges to those we are facing today.

Kurdistan referendum: why now is the wrong time

It appears that the referendum is arguably nothing more than a bargaining chip used by President Barzani, whilst also covering itself as a clever ploy to lull the suffering Kurdish population away from the on-going problems.

Can the Kurds pull off Kurdexit?

Iraqi Kurdistan president Masoud Barzani and former Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari share their thoughts about the upcoming referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.

What went wrong with Turkey’s referendum?

As illiberal democracy is becoming more the norm than the exception in the world, Turkey’s referendum is another missed historical opportunity.

A hollow referendum

Instead of articulating a brand-new direction for the country, the referendum simply served to legitimize and solidify the powers that President Erdogan has held since July 2016.

Yes to a different Scotland

Today marks one year to go until Scotland votes on its future. As the referendum approaches, it's important that the debate nurtures ideas for a better Scotland.

Westminster 2015 - will the SNP shake things up?

Scotland's potential independence now stands firmly on the horizon. But one must wonder: if it is to happen, how will the event affect the 2015 general elections? We must examine the facts to find out.

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