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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The sex scandal following the Whole Foods’ guru

A cautionary tale where New Age spirituality meets American capitalism amid accusations of abuse.

Daesh and other psychopathic cultures

Cleansing every system of pathological tendencies is the only route to peace.

Inside the Texas megachurch where 90 percent of worshipers are LGBT

There are hundreds of LGBT-friendly churches in the USA—and many are in conservative cities where you'd least expect them. 

Fear and discomfort dressed up as love? The new anti-gay Mormon policy on marriage.

Change often comes through conflict, and looking back through history these changes are overwhelmingly positive: a response to Jacob Hess.

Are Mormons villains, or just people with a different story about their identity?

The Church has declined to accept same-sex couples and their children as full members. What’s going on? Mette Ivie Harrison responds here.

Why does religion turn from beauty into beast?

Trauma and abuse are common in faiths supposedly built on love. What's going on? 

Is Pope Francis an ecofeminist?

Integrating ecology with feminism is the only way to implement the Vatican’s newfound enthusiasm for environmental concerns. 

I take my orders from 23-year-old queer women

A leading activist pastor speaks about the emerging face of civil rights leadership in 21st century America. 

Is it ok to criticise Islam?

At what point does mocking someone’s beliefs become an attack on those who hold them? 

Where are the missing mystics of the revolution?

Mysticism can undermine the social and political order in fundamental ways.

Partners in prayer: women's rights and religion in Morocco

Pundits say that religion and human rights are opposing forces in Morocco, especially around women’s rights. Our Human Rights Perception Polls suggest a more nuanced picture. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debates, Public Opinion and Human Rights and Religion and Human Rights.  Françaisالعربية

Will the left ever get religion?

Can there ever be a truly successful, secular revolution? 

Don’t punish yourself to make the world a better place

Why do Westerners go to extremes in following Eastern spiritual paths?

The true miracle of Óscar Romero

The memory of martyrs is exalted, but to what purpose?

The transformative visions of William Blake

The ‘poetic genius’ inside of everyone creates a springboard for self-inquiry and social struggle. 

Birthwrong: meet the pranksters celebrating the Jewish diaspora

Discovering a Jewish history that's about more than oppression and genocide. 

Heretics and liberals: what Ayaan Hirsi Ali gets wrong

Pious protestations about Islam do nothing to further our understanding of the complex relationships between religion and violence. 

Does phenomenology herald a new era for religion?

Placing the emphasis on human experience opens the door to a more life-affirming role for religion.

Is secularism bad for women?

Gender equality should not be pitted against religious freedom, so what kind of political arrangements could guarantee religious women’s rights and full social inclusion? 

Can religious groups help to prevent violent conflict?

When peace and violence are examined through a faith-based lens, a different set of factors come to the foreground.

Religion from the inside out

True religion is living a life of compassion in the midst of the material world.

Is liberal Islam the answer?

If Islam needs to be seen through the eyes of the West in order to make sense of itself, how can it find the space for transformation on its own terms? 

Great work gets done by good people

The founders of the Antigonish movement told people to "set the heather on fire" and create a new cooperative economy. What lay behind their success?

The best kept secret of the Catholic Church—its social teachings

On paper, Catholicism is one of the most progressive faiths in the world: shame about the practice.

Put away the scriptures and follow justice

In contexts where faith plays a major role in public and private life, critical engagement with religion is the only option.

Violence as a theological problem

Deeply ingrained in the religious consciousness of the United States is the belief that retribution is God’s will.

First, do no harm: expanding our moral circle beyond religion

Secular values and commitments are all that’s needed to anchor the deep transformation of society.

Christianity was liberation for you—for me it was slavery: a tale of two kingdoms

Can religious conservatives be enlightened out of their convictions? If not, what are the implications? The launch of a new Transformation series on religion.

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