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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A select #IndyRef glossary (for voters, bloggers, writers and tweeters)

"When it comes to 18 September we need to know whereof we speak. It helps us to see through the hyperbole and obfuscation that abounds in the debate."

A blow to the British class system; look who is on each side (40 reasons to support Scottish independence, 35 & 36)

The British class system is built around Britain, and the most marginalised seem largely to support a yes vote: reasons 35 and 36 of 40 to support Scottish independence.

From island nation to Atlantic archipelago: re-assessing Scotland, Britain and Atlantic slavery

Independence offers Scots and Britons an opportunity to shift their self image from insular islanders to inhabitants of an Atlantic archipelago - and, in doing so, to remember the depth of injustice found in that ocean's history.

Podcast: 2014 Matters: independence and global poverty

A discussion in Edinburgh of what Scottish independence will mean for international development.

Bacon butties and the politics of buffoonery

Never mind the quality, feel the wit! Mary Maguire laments political coverage focussed on drama rather than issues. 

The uncertainty of no; new national stories (40 reasons to support Scottish independence; 26 & 27)

A no vote brings with it constitutional wranglings in which, right now, Westminster is accentuating the positives and hiding the negatives under the carpet; while a yes vote brings Scots the chance to replace some more damaging stories about themselves.

The environmental case for yes (40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 24 & 25)

We can't let Westminster play political games with Scotland's renewable revolution, and Scotland has unique eco-systems, better protected by their own parliament.

A new nation or an old empire?; Trident: (40 reasons to support independence, 20 and 21)

Independent countries have more voice in the world, and any additional influence Britain has gained came down the barrel of a gun. Also, a yes vote is a chance to abolish Britain's nuclear weapon: 40 reasons to support independence: 20 & 21.

Unleash creative energy; save NHS Scotland: (40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 18 & 19)

Scottish independence will unleash a creative energy and is needed to protect Scotland's NHS from the impacts of Westminster's health care sell-off in England.

Scotland Divided! Poverty, class and nation

In the rush to build a fairer Scotland, we must start by acknowledging our own deep inequalities.

If you spend but don't collect taxes, you can't invest (40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 17)

Seperating tax collection and spending means that Holyrood can't invest in growing Scotland's tax base.

The Scottish side of history

The world is moving towards more, smaller states. That's a good thing: the Scottish referendum as seen from Tuscany, half a century after Tom Nairn's visit to Pisa.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: reason 16: the flotilla effect and why smaller countries are richer

Small European countries tend to be more prosperous than big ones. Their governments can use economic policy more subtly, and they can adapt faster to changing circumstances.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: reason 15: austerity

A no vote isn't a vote for stability. It's a vote to be part of the new, brutal Britain Osborne is building.

Can Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Labour save the union?

The intervention of Gordon Brown into the independence debate raises important questions for the Labour party.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 12, 13, 14: the coming British crash

Remaining in the union doesn't mean a stable future, it means shackling Scotland to an economy that's heading rapidly towards the edge of a cliff: Reasons 12, 13 and 14 to support Scottish independence.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 9, 10, 11: The West Lothian question & problems with devo-max

9, 10 and 11 of 40 reasons to support Scottish independence - the West Lothian Question needs an answer, devo-max will make it worse and isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence - reasons 7 & 8: interdependence and federalism

Numbers 7 and 8 of 40 arguments for independence: a chance for genuine international co-operation and a potential step towards federalism.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence, 4-6: Westminster, Britain and Better Together

Reasons 4, 5 and 6 of "40 reasons to support Scottish independence" - Westminster, Britain, and Better Together.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence - reasons 1-3

The first three of forty reasons to support Scottish independence - geography, numbers, and sociology...

Sceptical Scotland needs to be listened to and respected

We need to respect the real concerns of the different peoples of Scotland.

Scotland - towards a new foreign policy

The former Labour leader in Scotland and former NATO Secretary General says independence would be good for 'the forces of darkness'. This reveals how trapped he is in a hawkish, pro-war world view.

Scottish independence and the ‘democratic’ left

It's not democratic to draw a line round those who agree with you more and declare independence, it's cowardly.

Scotland’s constitution and the strange non-death of ‘Civic Scotland’

If Scotland is to have a new constitution, let's it be written in a way which empowers the people, not the Civic Scotland of old.

Our problems are shared, and we can face them together

It's not just Scotland - most British people aren't represented by this government either, we should work together to build a fair society for all across the UK.

Scotland isn't different, it's Britain that's bizarre

Britain is in a state of self denial, sitting at the bottom of European league tables, but convinced it still rules the waves. The aspirations of the SNP may seem ambitious, but all they are really proposing is to be a normal European country.

The Scottish Yes parties are the political winners from the referendum, and other lessons from last week's polls

Polls last week show how damaged the Better Together parties have been by their negative campaigns in Scotland, while an English UKIP Euro victory could boost the yes campaign.

The big question: who ‘lost’ Scotland?

Whatever the result of the referendum, the idea of independence has been normalised, with even Better Together failing to make the case for the union. In a sense, Scotland has already been 'lost'. How has this happened?

BBC and STV are falling short in Scotland’s great debate

As the referendum approaches in Scotland, both BBC Scotland and STV are failing to facilitate the national debate as well as is needed.

Preserving policy space in an independent Scotland

Last week’s attempts at arm-twisting Scotland over sterling and European Union membership have backfired. But an independent Scotland should want no part in either surrendering monetary sovereignty or EU constitutionalised neoliberalism.

The Scots referendum debate could do without the vitriol

Most English appear to have little interest either way. Beyond the London bubble there really is little need for anger or resentment.

Interview: BBC bias, bullying, and the Scottish referendum

Following the recent publication of his report, Dr John Robertson speaks to OurKingdom about his findings, his methodology, and an unusually fierce response - "bullying" - from the BBC itself.

BBC bias and the Scots referendum - new report

Dr John Robertson from University of West Scotland has just published research on bias and fairness in news reporting on the issue of the Scottish referendum, covering both ITV (STV) and BBC. Here's what he found.

Podcast: What's happening in Scotland and why the rest of the UK should care

What's going on in Scotland, why the English should care about it: this week's NovaraMedia podcast was a discussion with current and former OurKingdom co-editors.

A letter to my daughter and son-in-law in Scotland

David Cameron encouraged the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland to contact their loved ones in Scotland about the independence referendum. Here a father in the north of England writes to his daughter and son in law in Scotland.

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