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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Speaking through Scotland

The debate over Scotland’s EU entry is being snarled up in the agendas of international actors. The consequences will be bad for all.

The political storm over Scotland’s currency

What can be learnt from the recent intervention of George Osborne, and why Westminster continues to inadvertently undermine the case for union.

Scotland should relish the chance to run its own currency

The pound is a free floating currency. No one needs Osborne's permission to use it. But it is also a very expensive currency, destroying Scottish exports and so Scottish jobs. Independence will bring the opportunity for Scots to set up their own currency. It's one they should grab.

On (not) telling the Scots what to do

To be free of Westminster's distant and venal elite is something the English should support - if the Scots can manage it, perhaps one day England might too.

The empathy gap: divided Scotland and the problem of fantasyland Britain

The inflammatory and absurd rhetoric of the London political elite is a good example of why the vote should be a Yes.

In the hipster's den: the playful politics of #indyref

At a gathering of artists for independence, a new generation of Scots activists gathers over a pint, and learns that, whatever the result of the referendum, they can shape their country.

The art of living together and the art of dying

Scotland needs to grow its democratic culture - and the independence debate is helping it do just that.

Be clear who Britain is great for

Whilst campaigners against Scottish independence like to romanticise Britain, Britain is not the greatest political union in the world, and has failed most of the people who live here. It's important to break free of the myths.

Scotland's independence referendum: do we already know the result?

What will be the result of the Scottish independence referendum? And what can past referendums around the world teach us about how to read the polls, and teach each side about how to win?

Citizenship in Scotland's future

Last week, the Scottish Government launched its blueprint for an independent Scotland. Here, Jo Shaw outlines what it says, and doesn't say, about citizenship.

Scotland's future: the economy

This week, the SNP published their plan for an independent Scotland. Here, two of Scotland's leading economists give their assessment.

Scotland step by step but what about England?

The Scottish Government has outlined its vision for independence from Westminster. But what the British elite is most afraid of is that the English start to demand independence from them too...

Scotland's future: independence, culture, and the art of negation

This week, the Scottish government launched its white paper on the future of Scotand. Here, Scott Hames looks at how it approaches the arts.

The green in the SNP white paper

This week, the SNP launched their White Paper on what an independent Scotland would look like. Here, Ric Lander reviews what is says about the environment.

A different Scotland is happening

The independence debate has come sooner than anyone is expecting, and it is changing Scotland.

Scotland's future constitution

The Scottish government this week launched its blueprint for an independent Scotland. Here, legal academic Andrew Tickell (Lallands Peat Worrier) examines what it has to say about a Scottish constitution - and who would get to write such a thing.

Scotland's future Parliamentary debate: the battle lines are drawn

The Scottish Parliament today debated the SNP's white paper on the future of an independent Scotland. Adam Ramsay went along...

Scotland's future: "I didn't want to tear my hair out"

Yesterday, the Scottish government produced its blueprint for an independent Scotland. Here, feminist comedian Liz Ely and independent MSP Jean Urquhart respond.

Scotland's future: a new national broadcaster

Yesterday, the Scottish government launched its blueprint for a new Scotland. This week, OurKingdom is examining what it says. Here, Brian Winston looks at what this all means for the BBC.

Scotland's future: in Europe

Yesterday, the SNP launched it's blueprint for a new Scotland. This week, OurKingdom is publishing a number of responses. Here, David Krivanek, editor of Can Europe Make It examines the European angle

13 things about this week's Scottish independence shenanigans

With the vast radical independence conference this weekend and the Scottish government's white paper coming out tomorrow, things are moving forward apace in the run up to Scotland's independence referendum - and the debate is getting more interesting.

The Radical Independence Conference convinced me last year

After living there for three years, Alys has been persuaded to campaign for an independent - and radically different - Scotland - and encourages you, if you can, to come to the Radical Independence Conference in Glasgow tomorrow.

History in the making: the battle for Scotland’s future

As the Scottish government launches its White Paper on Scottish independence, and the Radical Independence Conference prepares to gather, it's easy to get caught up in the debate and miss the fact that, whatever the result, these events are changing Scotland.

The crisis of Grangemouth and what it says about Scotland and Britain

The Grangemouth crisis doesn't just remind us of the problems of the capitalist class, but of the political class and trades unions too.

A memo to Jim Naughtie on his return to Scotland

The broadcaster Jim Naughtie is returning to his native Scotland after working in England for decades in order to cover the independence referendum two days a week. Gerry Hassan has written him a memo outlining how the country has changed while he's been away.

The independence debate is not a non-event but changing Scotland

The independence referendum is happening because Scotland has changed, and the debate it is inspiring is changing Scotland even more.

Dear England, please listen to what the Scots are actually talking about

A leading figure in the debate around Scottish independence writes to our English readers and asks them to listen to what the debate is really about.

Vote Yes for the multitude: a non-nationalist argument for Scottish independence

Is nationalism the sole reason for a 'yes' vote in the Scottish Referendum, or is the argument too restricted in its approach?

No, Catherine Bennett, the independence campaign isn't about bagpipes and Bannockburn

The only people talking about Bannockburn and the independence referendum are London based journalists. Catherine Bennett's criticisms of the campaign for Scottish independence are based on a fiction... but if she wants to find real nationalism, she need look no further than the No campaign.

The UK isn't skint - it is a playground for the rich and privileged

David Cameron's Hugh Grant moment revealed a myth believed by the ruling class. But the truth is that Britain is broken - Scotland's referendum is about more than Scotland.

Yes to a different Scotland

Today marks one year to go until Scotland votes on its future. As the referendum approaches, it's important that the debate nurtures ideas for a better Scotland.

A tale of ideologies: Scottish nationalism and unionism

Scottish nationalism  and unionism stand in complete opposition, but are there greater similarities between their ideologies than the UK cares to admit?

Labour and independence: the power of the past in the politics of the future

Traditionalism and idealism: is Labour's refusal to disregard the past for the future crippling their progression on the Scottish Referendum?

Britain: no longer the land of the future

At a time when Britain's progress is hindered by its obsession with the past, Scotland face their biggest opportunity to look to the future with a new beginning.

Liberty for Scotland: the next steps

As the date of the vote for the Scottish Referendum stands firmly on the horizon, John Kay addresses the concrete steps that would need to be considered for a successful economic transition to be a prosperous, independent state in this speech at University of Glasgow.

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