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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The battle between Syrian secular activists and feminists: we all lose

Yet another pushback for Syrian women to leave the public spaces for the powerful men who behave as if these spaces are their ownership.

التقارب الإسلامي العلماني في العالم العربي : من أجل السلم المدني في المنطقة

من الصعب الوصول إلى تحوّل أو انتقال ديمقراطي سلمي سلس بدون إشراك مختلف الفعاليات المناهضة للاستبداد، بمختلف مرجعياتها الأيديولوجية من اجل اسقاط الاستبداد و بناء الديمقراطية.

For a secular interpretation of prophethood

The conception of secularism has developed in a prolonged and convoluted historical path and has been so diversified that it often implies multidimensional, ambiguous and contradictory notions. [عربي]

Lebanese model an improvable precondition to prevent authoritarianism

The model of Lebanon is indicative of the importance of state weakness, which is possibly a necessary stage for other countries in the region after decades of absolutist domination in the name of the state. عربي

On the duality of laicism and dictatorship and the rise of political Islam

Is there another outlet or framework in the Arab world outside the dichotomy of Islamism or nationalism? [عربي]

French secularism as failed social engineering

The principle of laïcité has become a demagogic tool to reinforce narrow judgements about French identity and discriminate against minorities. 

Religion, class, and Turkey’s new left

A response to Kenan Malik, arguing that though he is right to worry about identity politics, in the case of Turkey he is worried about the wrong people.

It’s not all about Islam: misreading secular politics in the Middle East

Western policymakers once understood the dynamics of secular politics in the Middle East, but this knowledge has been subsumed under a fixation on Islam’s supposed threat to western security interests.

Is secularism bad for women?

Gender equality should not be pitted against religious freedom, so what kind of political arrangements could guarantee religious women’s rights and full social inclusion? 

Understanding calls for reinstating the Islamic State

Maududi’s writings on implementing Sharia and Qutb’s radical approach contributed to Jihadist movements that have been multiplying like mushrooms since the mid-seventies of the last century.

Sisi’s religious conquest

The purging of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egyptian politics will not necessarily put the country on the path to secularism, as Sisi finds his own ways to use religion for political ends.

Immigration and the British dream

Does solidarity break down with multiculturalism? And if so, how can we respond? Rumy Hasan reviews The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-war Immigration by David Goodhart.

Manchurian mormon?

Mitt Romney needs to answers basic questions about potential conflicts between his religious vows and his prospective presidential vows.

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