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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Egypt: do you really want to counter terrorism?

Is the failure intentional or a result of general incompetence? Because of repression or Islamic ideology? This debate should be far from over.

Defending Tunisia’s constitution

Tunisia faces the challenge of responding to security threats while avoiding a return of the security state that Tunisians rose up against in 2011. It's a rocky but clearly marked path.

Women and peacebuilding in Yemen: challenges and opportunities

What are the hurdles facing and opportunities available to Yemeni women in light of UN Security Council Resolution 1325’s guidelines? Are internal and external stresses posing threats to women’s security? 

The UK/US relationship is alive and well

The UK government continues to use the potential embarrassment of the White House as an argument against justice and liberty in the UK.

Trilogy of tragedy

Three texts taken together invoke Norway’s darkest day in peacetime.

Capoeira and security: the view from upside-down

Through an account of capoeira, the Brazilian dance-fight-game, we uncover two simultaneous stories of security: first, the gradual monopolisation of violence by the state; second, a somatic, lyrical representation of a history of violence, oppression and liberation.

NATO allies join US Afghan surge

Allied countries inside and outside NATO have committed an additional 7,000 troops to Afghanistan. A bloody suicide attack has left at least 37 dead in Pakistan. The Islamic militant group al-Shabab has denied involvement in Thursday’s bomb attack in Somalia, accusing the Somali government instead. All this and more, in today’s security briefing.
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