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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Social media is still powerful in Egypt

Mina Fayek

Could social media help build another uprising soon?


What makes nonviolent movements explode?

The emergence of social movements is a product of two powerful forces working in tandem: disruption and sacrifice.

Another Politics—from anti-colonial to Occupy

Chris Dixon’s new book identifies four principles that underpin the success of transformative social movements.

How Florida farm-workers won fairer pay from America's biggest food companies

"This is not a film about oppression. It's actually about transformation." 

The ordinary, extraordinary life of David Hartsough

Nonviolent action is a seamless part of the rhythm of life. A review of Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist.

An unexpected cloud of witnesses: Sister Rice replies

Collective recognition is more important than the raising up of icons: there is no mastermind in the transformation of society.

How did Gandhi win?

What underpins the transformative impact of campaigning? Short term success or failure may be a poor guide to the future.

Surviving the ups and downs of social movements

The fluctuating cycles of popular movements can’t be avoided, so how do activists translate periods of peak activity into substantive and enduring social change? 

Structuring our beloved communities?

If we believe that changing the world involves changing the kinds of relationships we have with one another, what’s the role of organising structures in helping or hindering the relationships we’re trying to create?

Why social media won’t transform our politics

Is there a sweet spot between online and offline activism? 

When the pillars fall: how social movements can win more victories like same-sex marriage

In only ten years, widespread opposition to same-sex marriage in the USA has been transformed into equally widespread support. How did it happen?

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