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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Protesta, resistencia y giro político en Nicaragua

Nicaragua amanece con una nueva correlación de fuerzas sociales. Personas de todas las edades y condiciones se echan a la calle en solidaridad con la resistencia estudiantil a la represión gubernamental. La sangre ha llegado al río.

‘Killing a student is killing a nation’: Sudanese universities revolt

Seven Sudanese public universities have witnessed waves of protests during the past week: the crackdown on civil society has made them the only spaces left to exercise freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

The Egyptian lesson: how to strengthen student opposition

In a country choked with ironies, the Egyptian regime might just be building up the new student opposition that it is trying to eliminate.

A turning point in the National Union of Students?

NUS conference has backed free education after many years of opposing it. Is a change in the air?

The student loan privatisation must be resisted

Selling off the student loans will actually cost the government more, as well as the students - but it'll be a profits bonanza for the purchaser. The public must fight back.

Violence, vandalism and higher education

Last week, 150 student protesters were penned by the police into an area of Birmingham University campus for 4 hours. The Birmingham student guild released a statement condemning the protest. Here, one of its officers speaks out in defence of the students.

Campus arrests; student solidarity: what happened at Birmingham University and why it helped forge a movement

14 students were arrested and many more contained for a number of hours at a protest at Birmingham University this week. One of those involved tells his side of the story.

Freedom is essential to our universities, and is under attack

Angry British students are teaming up with exploited university workers to resist the commercialisation of universities, says the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. Together, they are a powerful force.

Police, protest and the fragility of capital

The de-facto criminalisation of lawful protest by the British police only serves to highlight the fragility of the market order in its post-08 slump.

If security at universities isn't for students, who is it for?

The London student president was arrested yesterday outside his union building for "failing to notify police of a procession", and has now been bailed with conditions banning him from protesting about anything within half a mile of any university.

The spirit of youth discontent wasn't dead, just resting

With lecturers on strike, student debt being sold off to the banks, the anger of the 2010 protests is about to make a comeback, says Josiah Mortimer

The student loan book is being privatised. We shouldn't be naive about the implications.

Plans to privatise student the student loan book threaten to become a de facto retrospective fee hike. Recent graduates are already chained by debt; we must fight these dangerous plans.

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