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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Syria's war economy

The economy is the bedrock that any future Syria will be built on. This excerpt from the concluding sections of ECFR's policy brief explores what is left of that bedrock, how it has been transformed, and what European states can do in the light of the current state of Syria's economy.

Syria: when representational violence is as ruthless as political violence

Our representations of what happens in Syria contribute to the ongoing violence. The rhetoric allows the self-nominated international community to rationalise an ongoing structure of suffering, done with the best of intentions.

A fragile cold peace: the impact of the Syrian conflict on Israeli-Syrian relations

Is the Syrian crisis threatening to end 40 years of cold peace between Syria and Israel? How long will Syria and its allies pursue a policy of restraint and containment?

Kafr Batna, Syria

I want to believe, have to believe, that when people learn of what is truly going on in Syria, to the Syrian people, they will want to act. To stop, and acknowledge that this is happening.

The Saddamisation of Bashar al-Assad: how Britain may just have escaped another Iraq

The Commons chose to stand back from the cusp of military intervention in Syria. Is this a knock for British national pride or a chance to learn from our imperial past?

A defeat for Blair and his heirs

Blair's deceptions on Iraq were a central theme of last night's debate and even if Chilcot has been deliberately stalled, the House yesterday passed a damning judgement on both Blair and Cameron.

Where are the Syrian Kurds heading amidst the civil war in Syria?

Although the civil war in Syria is ongoing, the Kurds have achieved major strides towards their rights by controlling a region for the first time in Syrian modern history.

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