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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Governments and ‘soft power’ in international affairs: Britain and the boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics

A look back ahead of the World Athletic Championships 2013, hosted by Moscow, to that of the 1980 Moscow Olympics when Britain tried and failed to boycott the competition. Why and how did we fail to complete this soft power?

An evening with the Iron Lady

David Elstein vividly recalls Thatcher coming to the studio for a 'live', hour long interview, followed by two whiskies and a cheery rebuke that no one really cares about monetarism.

Thatcher's funeral - the crowd, the media and reality

Despite shameless media fawning the streets were in fact eerily quiet; the biggest crowd out was the police. But signs of her legacy are still pervasive.

We remember: an obituary

In Britain and the world, this is a day of remembrance - in grief or in anger. But what should we remember - and who?

Why I left the Civil Service: Thatcher, trust and democracy

A former economic civil servant tells her story of working under Thatcher. The change of culture in Whitehall and the loss of trust, she says, must now be undone.

A tableau for Thatcher

Nothing lasts... (visual montage)

Ding Dong

Radical artist Peter Kennard was a chief satirist of Thatcher during her era. On the day of her funeral, we revisit some of the images that captured the Iron Lady and her demons.

The 'Patriot' Prime Minister

It is time to disassociate Thatcher from liberty. Look at her era of repressing dissent, protest and freedom of expression. She must not go down in history as a 'champion of freedom and democracy'. 

Thatcher's lessons for social democrats

Thatcher utilised three emergent themes: globalisation, social liberalism and the reconfiguration of class structure. She used the spirits of the age to drive her own key project - unfettered markets. There is plenty the left could learn here.

Thatcher, a woman? Not on my terms

On the day that Members of Parliament paid tribute to Britain's first woman Prime Minister, the Labour MP and Oscar-winning actor Glenda Jackson unleashed this bracing attack on Thatcherism.

Thatcher: Al Jazeera interview with Anthony Barnett

A video interview with Anthony Barnett for Al Jazeera. The cult of the leader, North Sea Oil, the sale of weapons to Saddam Hussein and more.

Thatcher - black gold or red bricks?

Thatcher did not save Britain from economic decline. In many respects her economic performance was poor, even with the irresponsible fire-sale of British assets. It is time her legacy reflected this.

Games with shadows: living in Thatcher’s Scotland

We live in Thatcher’s Britain - that statement is obvious, yet contentious and deeply divisive. And this is all the more true north of the border.

The Lady is not Returning: Novara radio on Thatcher

The Novara radio show marks the death of Margaret Thatcher with nuanced, wide-ranging, radical analysis of the politician and her legacy.

What Thatcher did for Wales

Which politician did most to secure devolution for Wales? Margaret Thatcher. The miners’ strike was the beginning of an era that proved time and again Welsh difference from Britain and alienation from the English.

The death of a class warrior: Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Thatcher did not seek to win over 'hearts and minds'. Rather she attacked the social bases of collective thought and action, making building any alternative unimaginable. Throughout the long span of her life, she was a blue class warrior, through and through.

Thatcher was not the answer but a new direction was needed

Before advocating a return to a pre-Thatcher era of socialism and solidarity, remember the suffocating Labour years preceding her ascension. This House, playing at The National, takes us back to the last hurrah of a failing post-war consensus.

Thatcher and the words no one mentions: North Sea Oil

Britain will never recover from being saved by Margaret Thatcher.

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