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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Fifty years later, we still have a dream

As the Poor People’s Campaign arrives in Washington DC it’s time to celebrate Public Service Day.

The future of trade unions

Unless democracy is reinstated as the movement’s guiding principle, organized labor will fail in any form.

The US teachers strike in historical perspective

Previous waves of unrest offer clues to the possible regeneration of the American labor movement.

Raise America inspires a new generation of organizing for low-wage workers

Labor unions are beginning to re-focus on continuous community organizing and agitation.

The good thing about having a disability

Accepting I was disabled was the first step in becoming a force for change for others, as a feminist, trade unionist and equality campaigner. Part of Transformation's liberation series

South Korea: rail workers, repression and resistance

An almost unreported strike in South Korea, which has just come to an end, epitomises how a ‘free’ market can be incompatible with the liberty of workers to defend their own security.

The crisis of Grangemouth and what it says about Scotland and Britain

The Grangemouth crisis doesn't just remind us of the problems of the capitalist class, but of the political class and trades unions too.

The spirit of youth discontent wasn't dead, just resting

With lecturers on strike, student debt being sold off to the banks, the anger of the 2010 protests is about to make a comeback, says Josiah Mortimer

History is on McCluskey's side: Unite must go beyond the law

As has happened time and time again, trade unions are being repressed and sidelined, the future of workers' rights is put into question. How can the unions, and the people they represent, respond?

Organizing as whole people

There are no shortcuts to building the kind of power it takes to win meaningful change. As an organizer in a county with an acute housing crisis, simmering racial tension and little unionization, I learned that I had to help the community to take on the fight themselves. The final article in our "Transformative Nonviolence" series with Waging Nonviolence. 

This is what 21st century unionism should look like

The pooling of democratic funds should not be funnelled exclusively into any single party, particularly one so frequently hostile to worker's interests. Instead union funds should be dispersed to projects outside Westminster, chosen and allocated by their members. This could transform the role of Britain's unions.

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