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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

"Deal" or "Secret Deal" – the EU-UK trade deal looks even more secretive than TTIP

While the media focus on the withdrawal deal, City lobbyists are working to set the agenda of the future EU-UK trade deal, whilst the public is kept in the dark.

Brexit or no Brexit - so-called 'trade' deals still threaten our NHS

If UK campaigners don't set the terms of our trading relationships, insisting they protect public services and standards, it will be left to Theresa May's expensive army of corporate lawyers.

The struggle of dairy farmers gives us an opportunity to democratise our world's food system

Governments are pursuing trade policies that harm workers and serve multinationals. Last summer's European dairy farmer uprising shows how farmers and food system workers can unite and fight back.

Who really wins more ISDS cases - governments or corporations?

What campaigners need to know about a recent change in UN Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) statistics.

Genetically modified food in the UK and TTIP

Unless we act to prevent it, we are likely to have genetically modified food on our supermarket shelves, soon.

New parliamentary report on TTIP highlights its dangers

The public oppose it , no one is allowed to see the text of the agreement, but big business are very much in favour. Democratic rights stand to be trumped by corporate demands.

Why is the government putting health watchdogs on the leash of ‘promoting economic growth’?

Lord Tunnicliffe asked in Parliament on November 20, 2014: “are these new clauses a licence for regulators to approve regulations that kill people to save money?”

Brittan’s neoliberal legacy

In much of the gushing coverage of Brittan's legacy little mention is made of his role in breaking open the EU to business demands - TTIP is the latest stage of that project.

The EU's giant and secretive deregulation blitz

It is not just TTIP, across the board the EU is bowing to business pressure to do away with 'burdensome' regulation - regulation that tends to save lives, protect consumers and ensure standards.

NHS boss Stevens and the TTIP 'trade' lobbyists who threaten our NHS

New NHS boss Simon Stevens ducks questions about his alleged connection to pro-TTIP treaty lobbyists pushing to open the NHS up further to profiteering US companies.  

Battle Royal in Brussels - backroom 'trade' deals under fire

Europeans are in uproar at chaotic attempts by the EU presidency to rush through 'secret courts' for investors to sue governments who try to protect their citizens and public services.

NHS patient goes to Brussels to ask about secret trade deal

Eye-opening short video exposing the secret Brussels/Washington pact that threatens the NHS.

Nurses fight back against trade treaty that threatens NHS

The fight against an international trade treaty wrecking our NHS receives a boost from the nurses and activists, though most party leaderships are strangely quiet.

Bad science, health risks, and the EU/US trade treaty

Whether on GM foods, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals, the EU/US trade treaty aims to strip away higher European regulations that protect public health but hinder corporate profits.

Trade deals - is the mood turning?

Political sentiment on both sides of the Atlantic is turning against anti-democratic trade deals - but high geopolitical and financial stakes means we shouldn’t expect those pushing the deals to give in gracefully.

Will transatlantic trade treaty really boost wages and growth, asks TUC

As Davos trade negotiators announced they would 'consult' over one part of the controversial deal, the TUC met them to ask if the deal would really benefit ordinary people - or just offer up our public services to multinational investors.  

EU-US Free Trade and the risks to the NHS

The US government shutdown has postponed further EU-US Free Trade talks due this week, but these corporate attempts to undermine publicly owned health services across Europe are unlikely to be derailed for long without a fierce campaign.

Free Trade, 'Trade Creep' and the Risks to our Public Health

Trade agreements are not based on natural laws or inevitable necessities, but represent political values and choices that governments make. How could current negotiations on transatlantic trade agreements affect the UK government's sovereign power to protect its citizens health and the public interest?

Lord Owen condemns “conspiracy of silence” on the EU-US trade deal

Introducing his revised NHS bill, Lord Owen calls today for transparency from Prime Minister David Cameron over the secret mandate for the EU-US Trade Negotiations which he hopes to boost at the G8 Summit in five weeks time in Northern Ireland.

The upcoming EU-US and EU-Canada trade deals have serious implications for the NHS

After the government pushed through its widely opposed privatisation regulations it is time now to focus on the big trade deals and look to the G8 meeting in June. There is a reason the public are being told nothing about them - because they won't like what they hear.

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