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Constitutional conventions: best practice

I am a Muslim, not a terrorist

The UK Government's Extremism Taskforce report came out yesterday, containing recommendations that will simply further stigmatise Muslim communities. A drastic change in how we talk about "terrorism" is needed, not to mention counter-terrorism policies based on the risks we actually face.

Interview: Linda Colley on the history and future of England, Britain and Britishness

Historian Linda Colley rejects the idea that British disintegration is inevitable but says a new constitutional settlement is needed to bind the nations and people of the United Kingdom together, and to help clarify its relationship with Europe. The English, she argues, would benefit from having a parliament of their own.

Beyond crime and punishment: UK non-military options in Syria

As direct military intervention has been ruled out for the UK by the Commons, we must turn to our non-military options to see how the UK can now push for peace and make an impact for the good in Syria.

Is art really to blame for gentrification?

Art is being used as a medium for gentrification, as the middle class displaces that of the working class in poorer urban areas. While the superficiality of this movement is apparent, should the good name of art suffer as a result?

The power of London Scots

Scotland's image is being forged by the media across the United Kingdom. Is the union being weakened by the ill-informed media elite who are shaping this image?

The gentrification of the left

While Labour represent the working class, they have become increasingly alienated by those who represent them in parliament and in the public eye. It's time to be honest about where we come from.

A tale of ideologies: Scottish nationalism and unionism

Scottish nationalism  and unionism stand in complete opposition, but are there greater similarities between their ideologies than the UK cares to admit?

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