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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

UKIP's "contradictions" are a strength, not weakness

UKIP does indeed have both left and right tendencies - on some issues it is clearly to the left of Labour. This might be a problem for the London media but it isn't for the voters.

A Labour MP defecting to UKIP?

UKIP is stealing important weapons in the progressive armoury, and Labour seems powerless to respond, almost losing a safe seat in a by-election. Now, in the weekend after that vote, UKIP is apparently in discussion with a sitting Labour MP who is considering defecting.

Our political system is stagnant - let in the air

Current rules give smaller parties like the Greens and National Health Action Party little chance to break through - could a few small changes breathe fresh air into Britain's failing political system? 

Tales of one city: London, super-diversity and the paradox of belonging

It is time to stop name calling and try to reach a better understanding of people's attitudes to belonging, home, territory and migration.

There is plenty to worry about with UKIP beyond racism

Posing as folksy patriots, UKIP are in fact Atlanticist Thatcherites who may not like the EU making our laws but are perfectly happy to watch us ruled by global corporations in the form of 'trade deals'.

What does the rise of Ukip mean for Scottish and British politics?

A new national pastime now exists thanks to the existence and rise of Ukip. But even if they win the Euro elections we must be careful in which conclusions we draw, particularly in Scotland.

UKIP is closer to the left than many think

UKIP is a work in progress. Its membership is among the most receptive to policies which many see as left wing, and its structure will almost inevitably encourage policy initiatives which reflect this. A new book, ‘Revolt on the right, has started the process of making this understood.

Greens - the UKIP of the left?

We already have a radical left alternative to UKIP's unpleasant populism, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to learn from them.

Farage is right - it's not just the economy, stupid!

The immigration debate is about more than jobs and taxes; it is about the small everyday changes that people feel are undermining their sense of belonging. It should not be left to UKIP alone to speak on these issues.

The Bulgaria and Romania debate is mired in cynical fantasy

Politicans are stoking fears and tensions because they are powerless to do anything of substance. This is the worst of all worlds. It is cynical, irresponsible, inflammatory and exposes a major democratic deficit.

Romanian and Bulgarian migrants - it’s not immigration but xenophobia we should be discussing

Behind the smokescreen of inaccurate economic figures and scare stories, the political decisions being taken by the Coalition are largely about legitimising xenophobia to cover the ineptitude of the ruling class.

Conference season: Labour set the agenda, Tories could do better, UKIP continue to ride high

In the final part of our series on UK party conference season, we hear what Labour and the Tories each need to do, and that UKIP didn't have the disaster the media would have us believe.

Is it politicians or the press creating anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain?

It is the main parties that are responsible for the public’s increasingly hardening attitude, not the Daily Mail and UKIP.

UKIP’s growth - misunderstood by left and right in Britain

Dig a little deeper and you will see most popular characterisations of UKIP leave much to be desired - they are in fact attracting plenty of young voters and the public generally rejects comparisons between UKIP and the BNP. Both left and right are struggling to make their mud stick.

UKIP and the rise of English nationalism

People in England increasingly indentify as English rather than British, and so far it is the ‘blood and bitter’ reactionary nationalism of UKIP that is benefiting.

Older, anxious and white: why UKIP are the English Tea Party

UKIP addresses many of the anxieties that are surfacing within the UK, but what kind of social groups are they satisfying with their policies?

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