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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Migration bottleneck in southern Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of Central Americans flee their countries, beset by extreme poverty and intolerable violence, collapsing the southern border. Mexico and the US must do much more. Interview. Español

Cuello de botella migratorio al sur de México

Cientos de miles de centroamericanos huyen de sus países hacia el norte, acosados por una pobreza extrema y por una violencia intolerable. México y EEUU deben hacer mucho más. Entrevista. English

"We Dreamers are like you, and you are like us"

Some 6.5 million undocumented youths and children of immigrants currently living in the United States, the so-called Dreamers, face deportation if Congress fails to reach an agreement on DACA. Interview. Español Português

Drug offences: states must acknowledge the flawed logic at the heart of the regime itself

As the world turns its back on the death penalty for drug offences, the US looks to the extreme fringe.

The colonial roots of Trump’s discourse on Iran

The colonial image of Persians as hypocritical and unreliable is so deeply entrenched in western imagination, that it affects policymaking on the highest levels.

Families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi government

Declassified evidence about the 9/11 attacks point to Saudi Arabia. But will justice be served?

Mexico: when Trump only makes things worse

Many Mexican households depend on remittances from abroad, mostly from the United States. How are they to recover from recent natural disasters if Trump decides to impose higher taxes on them? Spanish 

How to read Donald Trump

Flames raised in Charlottesville reignite not only histories of nativist violence in America and Europe, but the bonfires that erupted on the "first 9/11" – Chile in 1973 – with the CIA-supported coup which overthrew Salvador Allende.

Being anti-Trump won’t win in 2020. What will?

Anti-Trumpers harbour grief and anger about their defeat – this they couple with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Trump’s sins. But Democrats have provided no clear idea of how to move forward.

The end of DACA: Trump tells immigrant dreamer children to “Prepare for departure”

As the Trump administration prepares to dismantle the 5-year program through which some 790,000 children lived temporarily without fear of deportation. Yet DACA did not provide a pathway to residency or citizenship Español

To stand up for the powerless in Syria, the Left must embrace complexity

The Syrian uprising has divided the international Left between those who support Assad and those who support the Syrian opposition, while muting the voices of Syrians whose realities force them to reject simple binaries.

Intra-Arab discrimination in Dearborn

Arab communities in America can reproduce white supremacist racial hierarchies, whereby certain Arab ethnic groups are privileged at the expense of others, beginning with refugees.

The BRICS and Gaza

Where do the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries stand in relation to the current conflict in Gaza? How do they compare to the dominant external power in the region, the US? What do their responses to the crisis reveal about their broader global aspirations?

The rape victims prosecuted for "false" rape allegations

Gail Sherwood was raped three times by a stalker, forced to retract her allegations and sentenced to two years in prison. Lisa Longstaff argues that her case is one example of a police witch-hunt against women wrongly accused of lying about rape that is undermining 35 years of campaigning for justice

Moral Mondays: the new face of protest?

"This is no momentary protest. This is a movement. We've been here before, and if slavery didn't kill us, if the oppression of women didn't kill us, surely no weak legislator with 86 votes gonna kill us...instead of defeating us, they've made us defiant." 

Breakfast in Detroit

Visions of Detroit as a "ruined city" have become popular. But volunteers are stepping into the breach to rebuild their communities: even through such simple measures as a hot breakfast. 

Has Tim Ryan lost his mind?

The movement for “mindfulness meditation” is growing, but can it break the modern political gridlock? An interview with Tim Ryan, the US Congressman who wants a “quiet revolution” in America.

The Prison Policy Initiative

The Prison Policy Initiative was founded in 2001 by Peter Wagner. While they are most famous for their work documenting how mass incarceration skews American democracy, they're also demonstrating how mass incarceration impacts everyone, not just those directly involved in the criminal justice system, empowering new voices to help set criminal justice policy.

Foreign policy expectations from a Romney presidency

What US foreign policy should we expect if Romney was to win in November? His statements during the campaign suggests adherence to his neocon advisers' hard line stances on many topics, including hawkish positions on China, Iran and Russia. One week before the election, Commander-in-chief Romney remains a mystery.

Bain & Co. solves Middle East crisis

Instantly, the Middle East crisis came into sharp focus. Applying NPS®, the entire conflict could be cast in terms of a company (Israel) whose customers (Palestinians) were not brand loyal.

"Land of the Free" - The best investigative reporting on U.S. prisons

The U.S. has the highest reported incarceration rate in the world. Pro Publica has just compiled some of the best investigative journalism on U.S. prisons and the problems that plague them.

Essential Reading on the US Prison-Industrial Complex

Three must-reads on prison and race in America
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