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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Where to stay? How to get there? Who to shout at? Whether you are protestor, journalist or tourist, don't miss Carolyn Tan's invaluable local guide to Auchterarder. Dominic Hilton admires the local delicacies, scenery and schoolgirls. Coming up: Robin the poet sings of fences and how to cross them.

China and the G8

China’s membership of the G8 could be the emerging superpower’s next step, but will it be enough to save the body from irrelevance? Seema Desai of London’s Foreign Policy Centre reports.

Why I don't trust them, or Sleeping with the enemy

An Anglo-American corporation of politicians and pop stars – Bono, Bush, Brown, Bob and Blair – are trying to patent the language of poverty reduction. It’s not theirs, it’s ours, says social-justice campaigner Bianca Jagger.

The G8 and climate change: a campaigners' scorecard

Was the G8 summit good for the prospects of limiting global climate change? Scientists and campaigners comment on the Gleneagles outcome.

The G8 summit: good for Africans?

African and western writers evaluate the deals done at the 2005 G8 summit.

Africa's re-development needs: a Nigerian perspective

Nigeria is a west African giant of huge human and economic potential. What must happen to make it real? John Adeleke on seven principles for a brighter future.

China and Africa: a new era of 'south-south cooperation'

China’s energy-hungry economy is driving the country’s ambitious Africa strategy. But is such bold developing-world investment any less self-interested than that from western, ex-colonial states? Chris Melville & Olly Owen map the dynamics of a new age of “south-south cooperation”.

Making G8 History

Between the submissive pleas of Make Poverty History and the anarchist headbangers of the Black Bloc, where is the coherent message to unite protestors against the G8’s planetary depredations? Tom Burgis reports from the Gleneagles frontline.

Brussels' African heartbeat

Belgium’s annual, multicultural festival, Couleur Café, reminds Karolin Schaps that Africa is not “there” but “here”.

Africans can do it for ourselves

The African challenge is to combine the management and sharing of the continent’s rich resources with peace and democratic governance, says Kenyan environment minister and Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai.

African agency vs the aid industry

The western aid industry is a trap that locks Africans in the chains of dependency. Africans’ initiative, symbolised by diaspora remittance flows, is the key to liberation, says Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie.

Where is Auchterarder?

The small Scots town that hosts the G8 circus is no stranger to world-historical events; they happen there once every century, writes poet Robin Bell.

'Me Tarzan. Me save Africa.' Jeffrey Sachs, the G8 and poverty

The leading economist, Jeffrey Sachs’s agenda for ending poverty in Africa is shared by the NGOs behind the Make Poverty History campaign and the organisers of the global Live8 concerts. Anthony Barnett meets Sachs and examines the politics of protest around the G8 summit in Scotland.

Insider-outsider: the NGO fracture zone

The alliance between the NGO coalition Make Poverty History and the spectacular global Live8 concerts may seem a formidable challenge to the G8, but Tom Burgis in Edinburgh hears radical NGO campaigners who think it is far too close to power.

The ghost of Gleneagles

The G8 leaders should take courage and admit that making polluters pay through the law courts is the simple, straight, if scary solution to global warming, says Myles Allen.

Africa, Europe, and carbon credits: a proposal

If the G8 is serious about implementing the agenda that puts Africa and climate change at the top, one environmental policy would bring all-round benefit, says Richard Burge.

The Fence

The G8 summit at Gleneagles is to be encased by a ribbon of steel cutting through the Scottish countryside where poet Robin Bell lives. This is his response.

Auchterarder: a G8 summit visitor's guide

How to get there? Where to stay? When to break cover? Whether you are protestor or journalist, tourist or secret policeman going to the G8 summit, Carolyn Tan’s local guide tells you what you need to know about its Scottish location: Auchterarder.

Selling Africa short

The G8 debt relief plan is far less generous than it looks, says Alex Wilks of the European Network on Debt and Development.

The Battle of Auchterarder

From teashops to the tourist information centre, Dominic Hilton scopes out the site of the G8 summit.
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