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poDcast(7): a week on openDemocracy

About the author

Welcome to the seventh openDemocracy podcast.

This week we talk to the Canadian writer and poet Karen Connelly.

Karen has lived and worked in Burma and on the Thai-Burmese border. Her first novel The Lizard Cage (Random House, 2005) is set in the 1990's and follows the miserable day-to-day existence of a political prisoner jailed for writing songs against the military regime.

In this podcast Karen talks to Isabel Hilton about her time in Burma, how it inspired her novel and her meeting with pro-democracy campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aun San Syu Chi.

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21.44 mins

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Also featured on this podcast are the following music tracks: U Ba Than and Daw Hnin Taung Sweh Myain He Ma (Beauty of Forest and Mountain)


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